COVID-19 Sparks New ADA Lawsuit Frenzy
We're six months into the "shelter- in place, mask wearing, hand sanitizing" that comes with COVID-19, and many businesses have been forced to reduce the number of people who can be inside their space. Landlords and property managers are always concerned about ADA elements and the level of compliant access provided at any given time - but while finding creative ways to work around restrictions, many aren't giving proper thought to ADA access. Read on to see some of the most common violations from 35 current ADA lawsuits:
Governor Newsom Signs COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act
Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed the COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act of 2020. This legislation prohibits the eviction of renters with genuine COVID-related hardships but reopens the unlawful-detainer process for tenants who cause problems at the property. The California Apartment Association engaged in around-the-clock negotiations on the bill, which offers a less-burdensome alternative to AB 1436 - also known as the "free rent" bill that CAA adamantly opposed.
Can a City Force Me to Fix their Public Sidewalk?
Most of the cases Chris Taylor, Principal of ADA Compliance Consultants, Inc. and ADA expert, helps clients with are liability-related, due to a trip and fall caused by a lifted or damaged sidewalk. But over the last few years, a growing number of cities and counties are requiring more and more commercial property owners to bring the sidewalk, and the aprons that surround their properties, into compliance with ADA requirements, regardless of any lifted, cracked or damaged areas being present.
U.S. Commercial-Property Prices Fall. Is the Worst Yet to Come?
U.S. commercial real estate prices are falling as the economic toll of the COVID-19 pandemic worsens - and the decline is just getting started. Though commercial real estate deals have been in a freeze due to lenders giving borrowers slack to defer payments and landlords being reluctant to drop asking prices, you may see changes in the next few months as debts mount and the outlook dims for retail, hotel, office and apartment properties.
Pricing Apartments in a Recession - Multifamily Operators Rely on Revenue Management to Help Predict Profitability Patterns
With all the pandemic-related turbulence in the market, determining how apartment units should be priced to succeed has become increasingly difficult. During the past two decades, many firms have come to rely on sophisticated pricing and revenue management systems to manage their daily operations. But since the introduction of COVID-19, pricing units has become a pioneering effort.
Rudolf Aguilar, Maintenance Supervisor, 10 years
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