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We thought you might be interested in a musical review we have written about American Mah Jongg, a game which has been played by many for over thirty years.

Our goal is to create both an entertaining musical revue and an immersive experience that will bring you repeat customers who love playing mah jongg on the high seas.

Please let us know if you are interested or can direct us to someone from your organization who handles such matters.


John Davis & Paolo Tatafiore

Mah Jongg on the High Seas:

A Musical Review

Book & Lyrics by John Davis. Music by Paolo Tatafiore

(adapted from Mah Jongg Mania: A Musical Comedy

Book & Lyrics by John Davis. Music by Paolo Tatafiore)

Mah Jongg on the High Seas: A Musical Review blows the lid off what it means to play American Mah Jongg at sea by providing guests with a totally immersive Mah Jongg experience.

Through a range of activities, our guests will:

Learn the Game by taking free in-person and online lessons

Play the Game with members of the cast and small mentored groups as practice

Sing the Game by learning the songs from complimentary downloads of the Musical Review

Wear the Game by sporting Mah Jongg shirts and hats given free when they attend the Review

Share the Game with others when they return with their free souvenirs and coupons for online merchandise, along with automatic subscriptions to the Mah Jongg on the High Seas newsletter that contains links to a variety of resources and cruise line offers.

Keep the Game Guests will also take home complimentary Mah Jongg sets to start their own groups and have access to special Mah Jongg Facebook groups with players across the United States.

Our guests will attend the world premier of Mah Jongg on the High Seas: A Musical Review.

They will meet the stunning, flamboyant, and hilarious Mah Jongg Diva,

the hostess for the show. She will introduce the acts and share her observations about the game.

In the first number, eight women come through the audience and sing, "If You’re Gonna Play Mah Jongg You're Gonna Need Some Stuff." They carry table clothes, Mah Jongg tiles, racks, dice, and food. They distribute small Mah Jongg-themed items like keychains and pins as well as small "nosh" items. By the end of the number, they set up a table with four chairs and a Mah Jongg set on the stage.

In the second number, four women play Mah Jongg at the table while they share hilarious stories and burst into songs about the game such as, "If I Only Had a Joker," "Why am I Always One Away?" and "Pet Peeves." (Note: These three numbers may be spread out in the show or performed together.)

In the third number, "The Mahj Tiles Tango," eight women appear on stage dressed in sandwich boards as Mah Jongg tiles: a joker, a bam, a crac, a flower, a dragon, a wind, etc. They dance together to show some of the ways Mah Jongg tiles can be used in the game.

The fourth number is performed by the Mahj-ettes who are six women who come out into the audience and play patty cake with some of the audience members to the song "Miss Myra Went to Play Mah Jongg." They continue the song on stage and add "The Hopscotch Song" and "The Jump Rope Song." The number ends as a chorus of all three songs with the audience singing along.

Before the final number, Mah Jongg Diva will raffle off complementary Mah Jongg sets and Mah Jongg items such as free online game subscriptions, discounts on merchandise and travel to Mah Jongg tournaments, etc.

The last number "When I Play Mah Jongg," is performed by the entire cast and Mah Jongg Diva who waltz through the venue and onto the stage ending with the line: "Just one more game, that is all I need, just one more game."


  1. Mah Jongg items given to guests can be donated or discounted by Mah Jongg vendors who regularly sell supplies to players.
  2. All the songs but one are already written and fully orchestrated as part of "Mah Jongg Mania: A Musical Comedy."
  3. The script for the show will be written by John Davis with new music and musical adaptations done by Paolo Tatafiore.
  4. Cast members will also serve as teachers and mentors to the guests and must know the game.
  5. Staging can be done by projecting images as needed.
  6. Game rooms will be needed for lessons and game play.

CLICK HERE to view sample music from the stage show Mah Jongg Mania: A Musical Comedy.


About Us



Paolo Tatafiore is a native of Naples, Italy, and comes from a family of composers, pianists, conductors and painters. His musical training began at age seven, and he studied piano, organ and composition at the Conservatories of Naples, Avellino, and Salerno, while concomitantly studying Ancient Literatures and Archeology at the Federico II University of Naples. He has concertized to considerable acclaim throughout Europe and the United States. Among his recordings is a live performance of Rachmaninoff's Third Piano Concerto at the Herkulessaal der Residenz in Munich that received outstanding reviews in the leading German magazine "Das Orchester". The golden generation of progressive rock played a major role in his formation as a teenager. He used to play piano and keyboards in a band. Hanging out with some of the best jazz musicians in NYC introduced him into a new world of inspiration. Consciously or unconsciously, he combines these experiences with his solid classical formation to produce hybrid music of different inspiration from time to time. As a composer, he has published a group of piano and chamber music pieces and a set of Variations for Viola and Orchestra. These compositions are available to listen to on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, and all the major digital platforms. Some examples of electronic tracks can be found on Soundcloud and YouTube. Since 1999, he has been a resident of the United States and has added to his curriculum activity as a music producer for film and television. Following a recent Parkinson's disease diagnosis he has been eventually forced to abandon his activity as a concert pianist and focus on music writing. 

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Over the past six years, I have played in thousands of games, directed mah jongg tournaments, created Mahj-Art pieces, designed mah jongg tiles, administered several Facebook groups, published an online magazine, MJ DIVA Magazine, with an international audience, did a podcast interview on my work, and created mah jongg games used by educators. I own several online stores using my Mahj-art that produce jewelry, home décor items, fabrics, fashions, shoes, and notecards, among other things. I have also interviewed writers, collectors, artists, photographers, and players. It has been a great joy to be able to bring to life this vibrant mah jongg community.

CLICK HERE to visit his website.

Our Advisory Team

These folks have supported us in many ways, and we thank them.

Anne Luther, Communications and Marketing

Bruce Stark, Broadway Producer

Roberta Greene, Phoenix Communications

Eugene Pack, Producer, Director Celebrity Autobiographies

Joey Monda, Singout Louise Productions

Lorenzo Thione, Singout Louise Productions

Fern Bernstein, host, Mah Jongg Mondays Podcasts

Kate LeGere, CEO The Mahjongline

Gladys Grad, Owner Mah Jongg Maddess

Steve Antin, Producer “Burlesque"

Janelle Schatz, Alzheimer’s Foundation Fundraiser

Joanne Goldblatt, CEO Ryan Goldblatt Foundation

Johni Levene, Administrator, Mah Jongg, That’s It! Facebook group

Jordan Palmer, Chief Digital Content Officer at St Louis Morning Light

Gregg Swain, Mah Jongg Lecturer and Author

Dean Marks, WB Entertainment Lawyer, Los Angeles

Heinrich Schülen, Producer, Munich, Germany

Eric Neuner, Producer and Writer

Michael Cooper, Musician, Producer, and Director

Our Donors

Initial funding for the show came from Mah Jongg players around the world. This enabled us to produce a few sample pieces.

 CLICK HERE to visit our GoFundMe campaign.


Several of our songs were performed by this orchestra in October.

Our show has been featured in an article in the St. Louis Jewish Light, a nonprofit, independent news source intended to inform, educate, and connect the St. Louis Jewish Community.

CLICK HERE to read the article.

We have been interviewed about the evolution of the show. CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast.

Our Dream . . .

Script and Score Available Upon Request.

Visit our FACEBOOK page for updates and links to the songs and selected scenes.

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