December 2018
Blending your PD with EduPaths,
Powered by Canvas
Canvas, the company responsible for the Learning Management System used by EduPaths, posted an article highlighting the benefits of blended professional learning. Can we imagine PD differently than it is currently delivered? 

Many educators are familiar with how online classrooms look and operate in college settings, but have you ever thought about how an online environment could positively impact everyday professional development (PD)?

Educators have to complete specific professional development requirements in order to maintain their certification. In the State of Michigan, requirements for professional development may have different implications for all teachers versus new teachers.

Once an educator walks into that PD, however, the scene completely changes based on the content, the presenter, the audience or a myriad of other factors. One of these factors is prior knowledge of the content. This is an area that puts presenters at a disadvantage: what is the level of prior knowledge that each participant is arriving with?

SFRC: Five facts our Advocates
can share this holiday season
As a  School Finance Research Collaborative  Advocate, you might have the opportunity to discuss the need for a new, fairer school funding system with family and friends this holiday season.

Here are five facts you can share to help us increase support across the state:

  1. Many of Michigan’s public schools are struggling to meet student performance standards.
  2. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to educating our kids. A new, fairer school funding system is needed that addresses every student’s unique and individual learning needs.
  3. By funding Michigan’s schools fairly, we can provide every student the instruction and support to attain competitive skills for good-paying jobs.
  4. It costs a minimum $9,590 to educate a child in Michigan and some students need more support, including those with learning challenges, students living in poverty and English Language Learners.
  5. The School Finance Research Collaborative study has determined the true cost of educating all students to make the way we fund schools more fair. Learn more at
REMC Association Virtual Courses
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2019 REMC Virtual Courses begin January 7

Virtual learning isn’t just for students. Virtual courses offer a convenient way for educators to connect and collaborate while reducing time and cost. REMC offers free Virtual Courses throughout the year, open to all Michigan school personnel.
Five to seven courses are offered each month. Each course is open for three weeks and consists of two (2) one-hour webinars and four (4) to eight (8) hours of resource review, assessment developments and written reflection. SCECHs are available, ranging from 6 - 10, depending on the course.
Happy Holidays
We at the Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators office would like to
sincerely wish you and all of yours a
wonderful and joyous holiday season.

We couldn't serve the children of Michigan
without all that you do!

Thank you and happiest of holidays!

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houses free, online, teacher continuing education courses that are based around MAISA's Early Literacy Task Force Essential Instructional Practices in Pre-k to 5th grade.
EduPaths MOOC 2018-19
"Massive Open Online Course"
  • January 28 through March 22, 2019
  • Up to 26 free SCECHs

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