February 2019
Marshall Plan Webinar for Talent
The Marshall Plan for Talent is now accepting applications!

Here is the updated timeline for the next round of innovation grants:
  • Step 1: Concept Summary, March 1 through March 15, 2019
  • Step 2: Talent Agreement, March 25 through April 11, 2019
  • Step 3: Grant Application, April 26 through May 9, 2019

The above application steps apply to all funding, except for Converting to a Competency-Based Instruction Model -  a talent consortium that ONLY applies for this funding will not need to participate in Step 1 and Step 2. More details on how to apply for Competency-Based funds are coming soon.

Whether this is your first time or second time applying for funds, we strongly encourage you to join our webinar from 
3-5 p.m. Friday, March 1, 2019.
The webinar will include:
  • an overview of Michigan’s talent needs and the funds allocated to create and/or expand innovative programs for in-demand occupations,
  • increase career exploration and awareness and invest in educators and students.
  • We will walk you through the innovation grants, the three-step application process and address some of your frequently asked questions.

Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions at the end, but we encourage you to send your questions in advance to  TED-MarshallPlan@michigan.gov .

The Essential Instructional Practices in Literacy
Are you aware of the Essential Instructional Practices in Literacy? These documents were created by MAISA's General Educational Leadership Network’s, Early Literacy Task Force. These Essential Instructional Practices in Literacy documents allow educators across the state to provide consistent literacy instruction in every classroom. All children should receive daily reading and writing instruction based on their needs. If we focus on these 10 Essential Practices we believe we can make a difference in the literacy success of all students in the State of Michigan.

Are you aware of the Literacyessentials.org website?
This site was created for all administrators, coaches, teachers and educators in Michigan to help support literacy development utilizing the Essential Instructional Practices and the modules that were developed in partnership with the MAISA, Michigan Virtual and Edupaths

Summer Trainings
More information on training's around the Essential Instructional Practices in Early Literacy coming soon.

Essential Instructional Practices in Early Literacy, 6-12
Will be released at the end of March 2019. Check with your GELN representative if you need more information.

Help us spread the word and start improving literacy in Michigan! 
We can't do it without you! 
Congratulations Dr. Wanda Cook-Robinson!
It is with great pleasure that we acknowledge Dr. Wanda Cook-Robinson , Superintendent of Oakland Schools and MAISA Board Member, who received the national Dr. Effie H. Jones Humanitarian Award .

"Those recognized must be AASA members who evidence commitment to the advancement and mentorship of women and minorities in positions of leadership and/or demonstrate a commitment to address social justice issues among children, youth and adults in schools."

As an additional employee honor, Wanda was honored as an AASA 2019 Women in School Leadership award recipient in the Superintendent category! T he award recognizes the exceptional leadership of active, front-line female administrators.
Congratulations Wanda – MAISA is proud to have you on our team!
REMC March Courses
Register Now:
2019 REMC Virtual Courses begin Monday, March 4th
Virtual learning isn’t just for students. Virtual courses offer a convenient way for educators to connect and collaborate while reducing time and cost. REMC offers free Virtual Courses throughout the year, open to all Michigan school personnel.
Five to seven courses are offered each month. Each course is open for three weeks and consists of two (2) one-hour webinars and four (4) to eight (8) hours of resource review, assessment developments and written reflection. SCECHs are available, ranging from 6 - 10, depending on the course.

March Courses :
  • OER to Support Early Literacy
  • OER: Student-Designed OER for 21st Century Learning
  • Authentic Student Learning & Gamification
  • Literacy Instruction and Technology: Foundational Elements, Level 1
  • Inquiry and Questioning: Igniting Student Curiosity with Technology, Level 1
  • 21things4students - Ready, Get Set, Go
  • Searching Safely and Strategically
2019 KRA Trainings
Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) Trainings Available for ISD Data Managers:

Space is limited depending on the site.
Contact KRA@washtenawisd.org with registration questions.

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View from the HIL: News & Highlights from the WMU High Impact Leadership Project-February 2019
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