April 6, 2020
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Release of Remote Learning Guidance 
for Continuity of Learning and
COVID-19 Response Plans
MAISA Members - As you may have saw in your inboxes over the weekend, we are pleased to announce the release of the final draft of guidance for the Continuity of Learning Plan (Plan).
As indicated, MAISA will continuously update resources available for local school districts to guide the development of their application. In addition, The General Education Leadership Network (GELN) will prepare a document and standards for ISDs to reference when reviewing local district Plan submissions. By providing this guidance and consistency in approach, we are much more likely to develop high-quality and equitable remote teaching and learning services across the state.

Please remember that this is the first draft and still needs to go to our publishing team, but is intended to be used now. Note that this is a " Living Doc " that will be updated as we receive more information and feedback making it relevant for districts well beyond the submission of local plans.  For example, we are anxiously waiting to update the Special Education Section when the required information is available.

We are very thankful for the many hours that were dedicated to the rapid deployment of this guidance and for continuing efforts to expedite the development of additional resources to support the Plan. Well done! 
Q & A Guide for
Michigan’s 2019-20 Continuity of Learning and COVID-19 Response Plans
A “Questions and Answers document for Michigan’s 2019-20 Continuity of Learning and COVID-19 Response Plans” is now available. This living document is a plain-language guide intended to answer commonly asked questions about implementing the Governor’s Executive Order 2020-35 . It will be updated as new questions are asked/answered or existing questions/answers are modified/clarified. Note: It does not supersede EO 2020-35 nor replace legal counsel. Remember to do your due diligence as you implement your Plans.

As we move forward, you are encouraged to please:
  • Read the Q & A,
  • Submit questions that you’d like to have answered and posted to this dynamic document to: Question Form, and
  • Share the link with your school district staff, families, the media, legislators, and your community.
Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Authorizes New Funding Flexibilities to Support Continued Learning During COVID-19 National Emergency
WASHINGTON — U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced today a  new streamlined process for providing states funding flexibilities to best meet the needs of students and educators during the COVID-19 national emergency. The new flexibilities, authorized under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, allow schools to repurpose existing K-12 education funds for technology infrastructure and teacher training on distance learning, among other flexibilities to move resources to areas of highest need during the national emergency. 

The CARES Act, signed into law by President Donald J. Trump on March 27, now allows states and school districts to devote more of their federal resources to technology infrastructure to support distance learning for students and for professional development for teachers who are teaching remotely, many for the first time. By providing a streamlined process to obtain funding flexibilities, states will be able to quickly make decisions to meet the needs of their students.

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