March 24, 2020
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LARA Guidance
Please see two documents just received from the department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA)   below:

This is the guidance in order to secure an expedited PROVISIONAL LICENSE. This is the guidance for entities that are (1) not currently licensed AND (2) are not school districts or employers providing care for members of the critical infrastructure workforce. In our discussions, we’ve been loosely referring to this group as organizations like churches or community-based organizations such as a Boys and Girls Club.
This is the guidance for school districts or employers who want to establish a new “Disaster Relief Child Care Center” for the purposes of serving the children of members of the essential workforce as defined in the Executive Order (this EO may need to be updated to match the Critical Infrastructure language, but we are not there yet). As you will see in the guidance, these ones do not need to secure a LARA-issued license. They simply need to notify LARA that they are establishing a center.  
ISD Essential Child Centers Survey
MAISA has been asked for information regarding how many ISD-opened child care centers for essential employees will be available and where those buildings are located. 

Below is a survey to collect this information. As always, your timely response is greatly appreciated.  

ISD PPE Inventory Request
Intermediate School Districts are encouraged to contact their regional hospital to establish or join a community response for the increasing need of personal protection equipment (PPE). This may include conducting an inventory of local school and ISD-available equipment.

ISDs: Please respond to this short survey:

Below is a link to a sample flyer between Sparrow Health Systems and Ingham ISD to help guide the process:
Zero to Thrive Infographic
Dr. Nell Duke of the University of Michigan shared a two page infographic developed by their Zero to Thrive Program on how to help young children through the COVID-19 crisis. 
You can download it here: 
Professional Learning
Opportunities Through EduPaths
As ISDs across the state work to support the educators they serve, please remember the significant resource we have to support professional learning. 
EduPaths   has 320+ course offerings, 99% are SCECH eligible and ALL courses are FREE! SCECH processing is ALSO FREE! On average, the team publishes 6 new courses each month. In the last seven days, w e have seen the number of average daily users nearly triple .

Please contact Project Manager Anthony Buza at to learn more about EduPaths or for questions.
Please remember you can find all these documents on our site at

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