April 20, 2020
Your Bi-Weekly ISD News & Updates
URGENT: Request for Student & Staff
Connectivity Survey Completion
MAISA, in partnership with the Governor’s Office and MDE, has asked for the help of our ISD leaders to discover the level of K-12 student and teacher internet connectivity and device access in homes across the state.

ISDs have been asked to work with their local school districts to boost response rates. Today, we will begin sending emails to the remaining ISDs that have districts that have not yet completed the survey.

Please help us by assisting your locals to complete the survey below, so that we have an accurate picture of connectivity and devices.

We thank you for your leadership and efforts on the survey thus far.
Reminder: MAISA Board of Director's Meeting, May 6 & General Membership Meeting, April 21
MAISA will host a remote Board of Director's meeting on May 6, 2020, using Zoom. This is the same day originally scheduled for the MAISA Board to meet, as well as the same time, from 9:30 am - 11:30 am. Please reach out to Summer Franck if you have any questions regarding this meeting.

MAISA's General Membership meeting will be held tomorrow, April 21, 2020 from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm. Our guests, Bethany Wicksall and Beth Bullion, will be available to discuss the budget starting off at 1:00 pm.
Detroit PBS KIDS Resources for
At-Home Learning 
Detroit PBS Kids has put together a daily newsletter to be used as a resource for parents and kids during this remote-learning time. Please see below for a message about their newsletter:

To our partners:
We have been conspiring with an incredible group of educators, parents and community organizations on a daily newsletter for parent and kids. Thought you might like to see our Earth Week edition. 
Each day at noon, we’re talking with 15+ organizations about issues, topics and resources, as we prep the newsletter for the following morning. The result have been amazing.
Below, you’ll find the newsletter.  Sign-up and we’ll send you the newsletter each day. Have a great Earth Week.
Rich Homberg - Detroit Public Television
248-640-4169 - rhomberg@dptv.org