April 23, 2020
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What Michigan Needs to Know
to Close/Impact the Digital Divide
T hanks to the efforts of so many, the results of the MAISA Student & Staff Connectivity Survey have been organized into an infographic, What Michigan Needs to Know to Close/Impact the Digital Divide.

ISD Superintendents are getting the first look at this piece today and the infographic, maps, and data will then be shared with the Governor’s Office, MDE, followed by partner organizations.

At this point, we are still calling this piece the “final draft.” If you review the information and find any discrepancies, please email Taylor Hoag, at thoag@gomaisa.org . Next week we will follow up with an updated version if necessary.

We can’t thank the ISD Superintendents enough for guiding your teams to complete this survey in the short time period allotted – 1.2 Million responses is an amazing accomplishment!
Your time and efforts are truly appreciated.  

Continuity of Learning Plan Submission Numbers
MAISA has been working closely with the Michigan Department of Education and the Michigan Department of Treasury to receive updated submission numbers of approved Continuity of Learning Plans. The most recent data pulls are below. Some of you may have received a letter from OSRFA today. This letter appears to be a reminder only and not an indication that you have not submitted Plans. If, however, you are experiencing difficulties with form submission, please contact the School Review and Fiscal Accountability Division at OSRFA@michigan.gov

NEW! MICIP Continuous Communication
The MICIP team has sent the first edition of Continuous Communication, your source for information and updates about the Michigan Integrated Continuous Improvement Process (MICIP).  As continuous improvement will be especially important during this unprecedented time, please feel free to pass the Continuous Communication along to anyone who you feel would like to receive information and updates about MICIP.
To subscribe or unsubscribe, please click on this link .
The MICIP website ( michigan.gov/mde-micip ) is the official source for MICIP information. Here you will find the official MICIP video, professional learning resources, and other resources to answer your questions. 
A key resource on the MICIP website is the MICIP Readiness Checklist . This document has been prepared to help district leaders prepare themselves and their districts for the transition to continuous improvement using MICIP.

  • Announcements on new professional learning opportunities. 
  •  More information about MIStrategyBank.
  •  Tips on getting ready for MICIP.

Have a question, an idea, a suggest, or a compliment? The MICIP team is always eager to hear your feedback! Send us an email using the MICIP email address ( mde-micip@michigan.gov ). 
Interim Teaching Certificates Updates
During COVID-19 Pandemic
On April 2, 2020, Governor Whitmer signed Executive Order 2020-35 (E.O. 2020-35). Section VIII(D) of that executive order permits the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) to issue a Michigan Interim Teaching Certificate (ITC) to teacher candidates who have been unable to take the Michigan Tests for Teacher Certification (MTTC) due to COVID-19-related test center closures. 

Individuals who have secured employment for the 2019-20 academic year, yet are unable to complete the appropriate MTTC tests, may work under a daily substitute permit. Days taught under the daily substitute permit issued due to test center closure may count toward completion of three years of satisfactory teaching if the discipline area(s) match(es) the endorsement on interim teaching certificates issued to candidates in the future.

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