Majestic Parking Pass & Armband Policy
Attention Owners & Managers:
Parking passes and armbands can only be purchased by OWNERS .
Beginning January 1, 2020 An order form must be filled out in exchange for passes, no exceptions. This form can be found on your owner portal, at the Owner Services desk or by requesting a copy from All passes must be paid for at the time of purchase (NO more billing to your account) . We strongly encourage property managers and owners who rent their unit(s) to buy passes in advance as guests 
will be turned away. 
*Again, passes can only be purchased by owners, therefore, no guest will 
be able to purchase them at the desk. Vehicles in violation are subject to 
being towed at the owner’s expense. 
Guest Passes $10.00 Armbands $ 5.00
Vehicle Decals $ 5.00 Pet Tags $ 5.00
*If passes are purchased and must be mailed, there is an additional fee of $15 per shipment.