We do our best to keep you informed of current events and what’s happening here at the “International Headquarters” of The Ruptured Duck. 

February 26, 2020, marked a very special occasion for two of our team ducklings. This date marked the 15th anniversary of when our son, Patrick, and our office manager, Nikki Baronas, starting dating and they have been together ever since. These days, that’s quite a record. It also takes a lot of time, effort, understanding, communication and love.

Well, they decided to celebrate this milestone in a very special way. A small group of family members gathered and they officially tied the knot and have become man and wife.

Mama and Papa Duck wish them all the love, life, health and happiness combined with a little bit of luck in their future life together. 

Congratulations to
Nikki and Patrick Shea!

Bill and Donna