*** $63,000 MI$$ING ***

Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka, fellow Republicans:
Please sit down for this disturbing breaking news story which serves as a warning to anybody thinking of giving money to (or buying tickets from) the corrupt party leaders at the Hawaii GOP.
As you know, HIRA reported only days ago that crooked Hawaii GOP officer and Team Hellreich puppet treasurer Mary Smart refused to distribute a financial report or even answer questions from shocked members of the party's State Committee last weekend.
TODAY , HIRA has learned the alleged reasons WHY this stunning refusal by Smart took place (with the shocking consent of every single executive party officer) . . . and WHY the Hellreich-Smart-Rohlfing nexus of financial corruption appears to have deepened significantly .

LOOTED? Discovered MISSING are tens of thousands of dollars in contributions from generous though defrauded Republican donors who intended to help the beleaguered party through the purchase of event tickets over the past 14 months -- specifically for the purpose of paying off the mortgage for the party's headquarters[The luxury headquarters for the RINO-controlled Hawaii Republican Party is located in the pricey storefront suites of Imperial Plaza on Kapiolani Boulevard.]
Newly uncovered information from longtime RINO leader Miriam Hellreich and from party treasurer Mary Smart appear to confirm that
$63,000 in funds from ticket sales for party events held to defray the mortgage have simply VANISHED .  Based on this information, it is clear that party leaders have resorted to stealing funds from the mortgage account in order to keep up appearances with their massive administrative overhead . . . like a fraudulent charity which doesn't actually perform its stated mission.

HIRA has previously reported on the 'bait and switch' fraud committed ( and confessed to ) by party matriarch and chief fundraiser Miriam Hellreich to use the promise of proceeds from party event's to actually raise money from gullible donors; then deliberately used the proceeds wastefully on other party overhead in a free-for-all slush fund.
But today's revelations seem to take that financial fraud to a new level .
Thanks to the unintentional help of corrupt party official (and Hellreich handmaiden) Steve "Blind Eye" Yoder over on Kauai and some intentional help of actual party whistleblowers, HIRA may have gotten to the bottom of
substantial RAIDING and LOOTING of the party treasury by as much as $63,000 in funds originally raised through event ticket sales for the benefit of paying the party's mortgage .

In advance of this fundraiser, Hellreich sent a written message to local Republican Party leaders that was published (among other places) in county chair Steve Yoder's
Kauai GOP newsletter .  In that September 2015 message, Hellreich explicitly wrote that the goal of the October 2015 Martinez event was to "net" $100,000 to "pay off our mortgage" so that "the party would no longer have this monthly expense."  That's plain to understand.  In other words, back in September 2015, the party only owed $100,000 on its mortgage before the following month's mortgage fundraiser had earned a dime.

Keep that dollar figure in mind.

Fast forward two months later , Hellreich reported approximately forty-five minutes into the State Committee's November 7, 2015 meeting that the Hawaii GOP's fundraising event headlined by New Mexico governor Susana Martinez and attended by 300 attendees grossed "more than $70,000".  More than half of that take ($46,000) was reported to be the net proceeds for the mortgage .  Of that 'net', $12,000 was specifically directed by some donors to be applied directly to the mortgage's principal (as the video below reveals).  In all, the full $46,000 in net proceeds "to pay off the HRP headquarters mortgage" as promised should have been subtracted from the $100,000 owed, leaving only $54,000 left on the mortgage.

POOF, INTO THIN AIR:   It turns out that top party leaders never reduced the amount owed on the mortgage.  Contrary to what ticket buyers and donors were promised, HIRA's investigation shows that every penny fraudulently raised for "the mortgage" was corruptly blown on excessive administrative overhead; with not a penny being used for paying off the mortgage or even on winning elections.
Now, here's where that $46,000 went completely MISSING and why HIRA believes Mary Smart refuses to issue written or even verbal financial reports to party leaders outside the corrupt Hellreich cabal which controls the Hawaii GOP.
HIRA has learned that earlier this year, at the April 2016 State Committee meeting (six full months after the Martinez fundraiser for the mortgage), treasurer Smart inadvertently announced that the amount for the headquarters mortgage still owed by the party HAD NOT GONE DOWN BY ONE PENNY.  That's right.  Months before she began clamming up about party finances and refusing to provide financial reports to the State Committee, you can hear Smart's closed-door revelation to party leaders in the video below:   "So . . . the good news is there's only about $100,000 left (to pay) on the mortgage.  And that money we've been protecting in Central Pacific (Bank)," reported Smart on April 9th.

NO PROTECTION AT ALL :  OMG, despite the tens of thousands of dollars which had been specifically raised for the mortgage from bamboozled ticketbuyers and donors, the Hawaii GOP still owed the exact same $100,000 amount to the bank that Hellreich said was owed BEFORE the lucrative fundraiser.  Bottom Line:  At least $46,000 had gone up in smoke (not to forget the $17,000 which had already been sitting in the party's mortgage-only bank account from previous mortgage fundraisers) . . . for a total of as much as $63,000 appearing to vanish from the party's books and its bank accountIt's no wonder crooked state treasurer Smart refuses to provide financial reports to the dozens of district level party leaders who are charged with providing oversight of the hundreds of thousands of dollars raised and spent by the Hawaii GOP every two years.

---->  To sum it up, Hellreich said we owed a remaining amount of $100,000 for the party's headquarters.  Then $46,000 in proceeds was raised for the mortgage, on top of a previously raised $17,000 which was sitting in the party's mortgage account.  Months later, Mary Smart announced that the party still owed $100,000 for the mortgage -- subtracting neither the $46,000 nor the $17,000.  This is more than just a little fishy.  $63,000 has vanished and the party's leaders refuse to account for for the missing funds.
THIS CORRUPTION ONLY HELPS DEMOCRATS :  Now, you can surely imagine some party leaders hearing this news and not even caring, such as district leader Dennis Egge who has called for the extinction of the Hawaii GOP .  But if crooked treasurer Mary Smart actually bothered to provide accurate and complete financial information (even while hoping that nobody was listening closely), there ought to be some with the integrity to cry foul as tens of thousands gone missing.  However, treasurer Smart never got challenged by the Hellreich cult leaders who populate the party's Executive and State leadership committeesIt was no big deal that tens of thousands for mortgage had vanished right before their eyes.

TIME TO DRAIN THE SWAMP :  These are the very same 'party leaders' who sat mostly silent and motionless at this past weekend's December 2016 State Committee meeting when Mary Smart refused to distribute a financial report or even discuss the specifics, like bank balances, debts owed, reckless deficit spending, deviations from the budget, massive administrative overhead, worrisome budgetary line items, and huge sums of secret, unbudgeted spending on everything imaginable EXCEPT winning elections.
What's really scary is that party treasurer Mary Smart knows better .  As HIRA has previously reported, Smart herself has been a major donor to the party for years.  In fact, Smart was hoodwinked into buying a $2,500 table at the Martinez "mortgage" fundraiser for the party's alleged "capital campaign".   Ms. Smart recalled to others how she was promised that her money would be used ONLY for 'paying the mortgage'.  The same FALSE PROMISE given to every other ticket buyer.  What's worse is that Mary Smart distinctly remembers being lied to at the 2015 state convention, where she and everyone else in attendance were explicitly told that the party was going to 'protect' that promise of 'monies donated for the mortgage'.
Now, crooked treasurer Mary Smart is helping to break the party's promise to its donors while helping to lead the coverup of Team Hellreich's scam of plundering from the mortgage fund -- most likely for the monthly $15,000 overhead of everyday operating expenses.  In fact, whistleblowers at the Hawaii GOP have tipped off HIRA about another reason why crooked party treasurer Mary Smart refused to distribute a financial report at this past weekend's State Committee meeting.  Here it is . . .
The missing $62,000 for the mortgage is just the tip of the iceberg of the Hawaii GOP's massive financial problems.  There is also a massive $72,000 unfunded liability which the party is in debt for every election cycle.  That's right, $36,000 per year must be paid by the party IN ADDITION TO THE MORTGAGE for what's known as the CAM or 'common area maintenance' fee at the party's luxury Imperial Plaza headquarters.  This maintenance fee is double the cost of the monthly mortgage at the mostly empty suite of offices where one single employee oversees an emaciated and declining political organization which has lost 16 elected Republicans since the RINO's of Team Hellreich took over the party.

REALITY CHECK All that costly overhead is the reason why we never broadcast TV or radio ads in Hawaii to promote voting Republican.  The endless money chase needed just to pay the $15,000 per month in overhead to 'keep up appearances' at our luxury headquarters diverts all effort and funding away from messaging to voters and engaging with them enough to start winning seats instead of losing seats.
CORRUPTION REALLY SMARTS :  So why is Treasurer Mary Smart abandoning her fiduciary responsibility to the members of the Republican Party of Hawaii by helping party leaders to corruptly blow through all that money and break specific promises to defrauded donors; allowing herself to be pulled into Hellreich's 'bait and switch' fraud?!?  Even her friends tell HIRA that Smart should be blowing the whistle on this scam instead.  Even Nathan "The Prophet" Paikai -- whose own website claims that he "has been mandated by the Lord God Almighty to be a mouthpiece for the Kingdom of heaven, here on earth" -- is happily looking the other way at corruption while God is always watching.
CLEAN SWEEP These revelations of looting the party treasury serve as increased justification for all party officers to resign TODAY.  They all need to go.  A draining of the swamp at Hawaii GOP is long overdue, since despite Smart's reassuring assertion that party leaders have "been protecting" specifically-raised and "fenced off" mortgage monies in Central Pacific Bank, those generous donations from island Republicans clearly haven't been protected at allIF EVEN ONE MEMBER OF TEAM HELLREICH REMAINS, THE PARTY'S FUTURE WILL BE BLEAK.
CROOKED ATTORNEY UPDATE :  It pays to remember that corrupt party leader and practicing lawyer Fritz Rohlfing unilaterally diverted $2,500 of unbudgeted party funds (with after-the-fact acquiescence of top state and county party officers) to a Democrat union attorney to keep HIRA from being able to investigate and tell you about this corruptionThis is the same crooked Rohlfing who seems to have blocked the naming of a legally-required audit committee this past weekend's meeting.  And he's the very same Rohlfing who tried to change party rules a few months ago so that he and the rest of Team Hellreich could remain in office well past the end of their terms, right through the 2018 campaign.
DEMOCRATS ACTUALLY RUN OUR PARTY :  It speaks volumes that the RINO's at the Hawaii GOP have decided to celebrate Trump's election (which they opposed) by throwing a $200 per person party in honor of Hellreich's meal ticket Linda Lingle, whose support for the creation of the punishing and wasteful Rail Tax costs the average family $200 per year.  These are the same RINO's led by Miriam Hellreich who prevented the Hawaii GOP from entering the fight against the Rail Tax.  It also speaks volumes that our six elected Republicans in the State House (the only remaining six Republicans in all of Hawaii) just voted yesterday to make a Rail Tax supporter and supporter of failed Democrat policies the leader of the GOP caucus at the State Capitol .  In fact, it wasn't long ago that Beth Fukumoto told Bob McDermott that she would likely switch parties to become a Democrat like her predecessor Aaron "Ling" Johanson .  Yes, it speaks volumes.  So it comes as no surprise that our party leaders would treat donor funds the way that Democrats treat tax dollars.




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