As you know, we've been waiting since early August for a response from Ponte Vedra Corporation (PVC) to the county's strongly-worded report requesting that they address 25 items on their revised application to build 66 homes on the Outpost property.
Just this week, we learned that PVC filed a Motion to Lift Abatement* which means, in effect, that they're proceeding with litigation instead of pursuing a public hearing.

We knew in August that County staff did not agree with "Res C" zoning for the Outpost, and told PVC "subject property is designated Conservation on the Future Land Use Map. A Comprehensive Plan amendment is required. Any proposed amendment may be reviewed and heard at public hearings concurrent with the proposed PUD." PVC didn't like that and now they're circumventing a public hearing.

Our attorney, Jane West, responded to the news of PVC's Motion:

"This is a strongly-worded Motion that reflects the desperation of a party that isn't getting it's way. Obviously they are not pleased with the County's position on the matter and instead of accepting the common sense rules that apply to everyone else and going to public hearing, they are digging in their heels over a footnote that hardly provides the free-wheeling escape from the Comprehensive Plan that they are seeking.  The notion that St. Johns County staff is somehow acting defiantly in pursuit of some hidden agenda is nonsensical. Ponte Vedra Corporation has never had an issue obtaining variances or land use changes in the past – but here, they simply refuse to accept that they have to play by the same rules that every other property owner in the county is subject to. 
The Judge was very clear (see page 36 of the transcript) – he chose to hold the case in abeyance and let the parties decided whether or not they want to have a hearing under the CURRENT Comp Plan. They chose NOT to do so, despite the Court making it clear that the administrative process is where this matter belongs. Again and again, PVC sought to wretch out of the County a determination that the County did not feel was appropriate or warranted. PVC, displeased with that determination, opted not to have a public hearing that would engage the public and ran back to the Court."
As we learn more, we will keep you informed. We continue to keep the pressure ON and to fundraise. Speaking of which...
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Address: 1169 Neck Rd. off of Mickler in Ponte Vedra.
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You can also make a donation to Save Guana Now online or by check.
We wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Happy New Year!! See Facebook for more photos of the gifts that will be available Wednesday and Sunday. And of course, we'll keep you posted on the latest development in our fight to keep the Outpost verdant and tranquil, not "Vista Tranquila." Like us and follow all of our updates on Facebook!

Nicole Crosby and Gary Coulliette
Co-founders, Save Guana Now

*Reply to this email if you'd like a PDF of the Motion to Lift Abatement.