Jeffrey Wm Hunt 
6 x 9 Hardcover 
38 maps * 40 images 
480 pages


Union Command Failure in the Shenandoah

David Powell
6 x 9 Hardcover
8 maps * 30 images
248 pages


The Most Desperate Acts of Gallantry

Daniel T. Davis
6 x 9 Paperback
7 maps * 165 images
192 pages


Gregory A. Mertz
6 x 9 * Paperback
17 maps * 166 images
192 pages


Confederate Soldiers in the American
Civil War

Mark Hughes
6 x 9 Paperback
1 map * 202 images
168 pages

Order  your copy of any of the titles above by May 31, 2019 and use coupon code FREEMEDIA to  receive   
FREE  media mail shipping with your order.  Offer cannot be combined with  other coupons. One coupon code per customer.

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Libri Novi - May 2019
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In This Issue

Hello SB Woofers, 
Spring is here and Shadow and I are catching gophers, snakes, snails, and moles like crazy. My Pop isn't all that happy that we lay the dead out on the umbrella base, but we are dogs. That is what we do. At least we are not eating them.

Pop is happier about the Vikings (the team, not the series). They had a good NFL draft and he is excited about the coming season. He is always excited about the Vikings--until he isn't (which is every year, for 50 years now).

Pop is also happy because one of our books from last year just won a MAJOR award. But . . . he can't tell you yet. He will in the next e-letter. It was so good he went home and lighted one of his finest cigars.


The letter below is from Mike Movius of Seattle. Mike is a moving force in reinvigorating the Civil War Round Table movement. This is VITAL to the survival of the study of the Civil War, preservation, and independent Civil War book publishing.

Many of you may remember Jerry Russell of Civil War Round Table Associates. Jerry communicated with the scores of roundtables around the country, kept them connected, excited, and engaged. Jerry died in 2003, and since that time the RT movement has waned. The average age of members is high and rising, and to call the movement "stagnated" is not too strong of a word. "Dying" is another. 

If you belong to a RT--mention this letter, take the link to your leadership, and ACT. If you do not belong to a RT, find one within driving distance. Mike can help you find one. If you are too far from one--start one!

*     *     *


As we move forward toward the 2019 CWRT Congress, I'm asking that you help us publicize our event by spreading our landing page.  

Please push it out to as many of your CW community contacts as is appropriate. And, do it multiple times.  

Remember that our goal is to help CWRTs to stay active, grow their membership and to expand their reach into the historic preservation and remembrance community.

Thanks for you time and energy!

Mike Movius

*     *     *

Mr. Ted was asked to write an article for a publishing magazine about working with publishers and editors. CLICK HERE to read it.

As always . . . Woof!
Miss Kenya

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Tournament of Books Recap and Final Offer

The first Savas Beatie Tournament of Books was a WILD ride!! From the number of votes tallied, we know you enjoyed participating.

The final match up pitted Frank Varney's General Grant and the Rewriting of History against Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg by Jim Hessler and Wayne Motts with cartography by Steven Stanley. It was a tough battle, but after 5 rounds, Pickett's Charge came out on top. Congrats to all of the authors!

Call it May Madness: We are also EXTENDING our Tournament of Books discount. Because 1000s of you voted and shared, ACT NOW to take advantage of 25% off ANY Civil War title from the tourney, PLUS we'll include a FREE author  signed bookplate! Offer good only through TOMORROW MAY 3rd! When ordering from our website, use coupon code TOB.
 NEW Releases!
We are pleased to announce two new releases from our authors:
Both books are now available. Call the office this week at 916-941-6896, visit our website, or  email us.

This offers a complete guide for Civil War enthusiasts of all ages to better understand these men. It is an invaluable quick reference guide, and one that makes an excellent gift for introducing the Civil War to anyone of any age.

Historian Dan Davis chronicles the Civil War experiences of one of the most recognized individuals to emerge from that tragic chapter in American history.

eBook May Monthly Deals!
For the entire month of May - yes, you read that correctly - the ENTIRE month of May, you can fill your eReader with Savas Beatie books for a fraction of the cost.

Here are the amazing titles you can download at a discount all month long:

Holding the Line on the River of Death: Union Mounted Forces at Chickamauga, September 18, 1863 - By: Eric Wittenberg

Ultimate Air Force Basic Training Guidebook: Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Surviving Boot Camp - By: Nicholas Van Wormer

The Maps of Fredericksburg: An Atlas of the Fredericksburg Campaign, Including all Cavalry Operations, September 18, 1862 - January 22, 1863 - By: Brad Gottfried

Don't Give an Inch: The Second Day at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863 (Emerging Civil War Series) - By: Chris Mackowski

Death, Disease, and Life at War: The Civil War Letters of Surgeon James D. Benton, 111th and 98th New York Infantry Regiments, 1862-1865 - By: Christopher Loperfido

The Maps of the Wilderness: An Atlas of the Wilderness Campaign, May 2-7, 1864 (Savas Beatie Military Atlas Series Book 6) - By: Brad Gottfried

Ultimate Officer Candidate School Guidebook: What You Need to Know to Succeed at Federal and State OCS - By: Ryan N. Pierce








ECW series audio book announcement
Our very popular ECW Series is expanding to a new field. Now is your chance to listen to your favorites and add more to your wish list.

There are currently 32 titles in the ECW Series, including four released so far this year. Ten are in production to become audio, and the entire series will be available in audio format by the end of 2019!

"We're really pleased to be bringing such a great book series into the world of audio," says Savas Beatie Managing Director Theodore Savas. "We also include the maps in PDF that download with the audio file, which is something Audible offers its customers."
Emerging Civil War Series Editor Chris Mackowski couldn't agree more. "Earlier this year, Ted Savas approached me with the idea of releasing the entire ECW Series as audiobooks. I jumped at the chance because I thought the series would sound great in that format."

Several professional narrators have auditioned for and are under contract for the series, including Bob Neufeld, Joe Williams, and Joshua Saxon.
Neufeld was first attracted to the project because he loves history. "Anytime I choose a project, I want to be sure that there are solid resources behind it," says Neufeld. "I was in production on two other books for Ted Savas when this series came up. Based on my excellent experience with Ted, I was very comfortable and eager to do more for Savas Beatie."
"I hope you like what you hear," Mackowski says. "For me, it's been the sound of a dream come true."

 Fall 2019 - Round Three
Fall 2019 Title Announcement

Get those pocketbooks and bookshelves ready for our amazing titles. Here is Round Three:

The French Campaigns in the American Revolution, 1780-1783: The Diary of Count of Lauberdiere, General Rochambeau's Nephew and Aide-de-camp
By: Norman Desmarais(editor)
- The Count of Lauberdière kept one of the most remarkable diaries of the entire American Revolutionary War, and it is published here for the first time. His journal covers a host of topics and his keen eye and sharp descriptions of the Army's daily activities and movements provide a wealth of information for inquisitive readers and historians.

Bloody Ban: Banastre Tarleton and the American Revolution, 1776 - 1783
By: Oscar E. Gilbert and Catherine R. Gilbert
- The smooth prose, exceptional research, and original maps make this one of the most important books on the Revolutionary War. The authors utilized period records and personal accounts to unravel the complex story (and debunk several myths) of Tarleton's extraordinary career. As it makes clear, the cavalryman possessed an exceedingly talented military mind, but was consumed by overweening ambition that clouded his judgments.

The Winter that Won the War: The Winter Encampment at Valley Forge, 1777-1778
By: Phillip S. Greenwalt
- Historian Greenwalt takes the reader on campaign in the year 1777 and through the winter encampment, detailing the various changes that took place within Valley Forge that ultimately led to the success of the American cause. Walk with the author through 1777 and into 1778 and see how these months truly were the winter that won the war.

A Handsome Flogging: The Battle of Monmouth, June 28, 1778
By: William R. Griffith IV
- Historian Griffith retells the story of what many historians have dubbed the "battle that made the American army," and takes you along the routes trekked by both armies on their marches toward destiny. Follow in the footsteps of heroes (and a heroine) who, on a hot summer day, met in desperate struggle in the woods and farm fields around Monmouth Court House.

New in Digital

Meade and Lee at Bristoe Station
by Jeffrey Wm Hunt

Let Us Die Like Men
by William Lee White
New in Audio

Union Command Failure in the Shenandoah
By David Powell
Narrated by Bob Neufeld

Simply Murder
By Chris Mackowski and
Kristopher D. White
Narrated by Joshua Saxon
Out and About
Enjoy these recent event photos. 
Award photo alert! Here are photos of Jeff Hunt receiving the distinguished book award from the Gettysburg CWRT and giving a talk on Meade and Lee After Gettysburg.
 Author Scott Mingus is pictured here at the Star Barn in Elizabethtown, PA which held its first re-enactment of Lincoln's funeral train passing through rural Lancaster County.

Upon receiving his new shipment of books, Dan Davis sent us the following: "Saturday morning coffee with a new book. My deepest and sincere thanks to Chris Mackowski, Kristopher White, Chris Kolakowski, Eric J. Wittenberg, Ashley Webb, Paul Ashdown, Theodore P. Savas and so many others who assisted with this effort. It is very much appreciated." Read more here.
      SPECIAL OFFER : Order a book by any author mentioned above today using coupon code FREEMEDIA and we'll cover the ship charge. Order here now.
Author Events
There are many events on our calendar for this month (and beyond!). Be sure to click here to see our full author event calendar.

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