Carl is a homeless man in North Dallas. He just wants a job and longs to be a contributing member of society. He says, as a homeless person, it is very difficult to get hired.

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Your gift provides basic needs of life such as food, water, period
products, school uniforms, vitamins, and shelter to those in
struggling and impoverished communities.
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A typical tent community in South Dallas.
"I have so much empathy for those in need. I am constantly thinking of different ways I can help. The struggles of the homeless are always on my mind."
~Lisa Arbogast, Founder
The Founder: Lisa Arbogast

On any given day, Lisa can be found visiting homeless communities- providing basic needs, offering an ear, gaining trust and giving hugs.

In order to grow the impact, Lisa does not draw a salary and personally funds 100 percent of all operating costs.