Andrew Jaseckas
Our look at the growth and development of members from the Saints Peter and Paul School Class of 2011 continues with Andrew Jaseckas being featured today in our Ready to Make Their Mark series.
An Eagle Scout, he attended Benet Academy after Peter and Paul and has spent the past four years at Purdue University from where he will receive his B. S. degree in Computer Engineering next month.

Why did you enter this field?
  • Engineering was always something I was attracted to because of the innovative base behind it, and computers were always something that appealed to me.
Did you enroll at Purdue with the intention of majoring in Computer Engineering or did that evolve? 
  • To a certain extent. I knew I wanted to do engineering, but I wasn't sure about which area I wanted to concentrate on. After seeing the different types of engineering, I decided on Computer Engineering because it was the one that seemed most interesting to me.
Favorite college experiences:
  • Having the opportunity to perform research under highly-achieved professors in Image Processing and Analysis;
  • Participating in the "Breakfast Club" tradition at Purdue
Involved in any clubs, groups, service organizations?
  • I was a part of the Ambassadors for the College of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Biggest college adjustment which helped you grow as a person:
  • Not being afraid to ask for help when I needed it
Is Graduate school in your future?
  • Eventually yes, most likely for a degree in Computer Science or possibly for an MBA
Did you serve an internship? If so, where and how did you benefit from the experience?
  • I interned for Novotny Engineering, a civil engineering company located in Willowbrook
  • I gained considerable insight on the importance of business-to-business interactions
What do you have to offer an employer that would separate you from other candidates?
  • I have plenty of experience in communication, along with extensive coursework in studying Computer Engineering,
  • I'm self-motivated with a drive to learn
Is there a job opportunity on the horizon?
  • I will be working for Configure One, a software consulting firm located in Oak Brook;
  • I will be working with the Integration Development team; and commuting from home
What was the biggest challenge of living away from home? 
  • The biggest challenge of living away from home was not having my mom's cooking. Fried food every day for every meal from dining courts gets old very quickly.
What motivates you?
  • Believing in myself and knowing that I can always grow and achieve more than what I have done so far. Not putting limits on myself.
I will consider myself a success in life if.....
  • I can retire comfortably at the age of 65.
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April 24, 2019


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