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MAKOR: God's Blueprint
Why do we spend all of our time working so hard? What is it all for? Underneath all of life there is a source, or MAKOR that forms a blueprint of eternal values that make our lives worth living. Watch as Rabbi Noah Farkas teaches us about God's blueprint and how we can use wonder to craft a life of joy and meaning for the coming year.  We invite you to participate in our Makor Ribbon Project, a community activity weaving a tapestry of blessings at VBS. We've also included a haunting poem by Israeli Poet Yehudah Amichai about his father's commanding voice. Lastly, listen to Cantor Phil Baron sing a wordless melody, or a niggun, called "The Ladder" whose music mimics ascending a ladder to find holiness. We hope you can find your MAKOR and have a sweet New Year.
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Makor Ribbon Project
Every day through our actions, we weave the threads of our lives together and contribute to the beautiful tapestry that is our community. We invite you to contribute your blessings to the Makor ribbon wall outside the front steps of our synagogue.  Learn more >
My Father's Voice
Read the poem by Yehuda Amichai.   Get it here >
The Ladder
Introduced in our 2016 VBS Ayekah Soundtrack, the lovely song, or nigun in Hebrew, titled "The Ladder" was written by Mordechai Twersky and performed by Cantor Phil Baron.   Listen to it here >
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