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Compliment of the season to everyone.


We are now in another year which is pregnant with good things, surprises, incidents and disasters.


In as much as we do not want to think in the negative, the issue here is that we have changed fundamentally the times and seasons of the earth by our activities and innovations.  


Therefore, challenges and trials will abound that will shake some individual, organizations and countries around the world.


Countries within the globe especially those in developed countries, have developed Emergency Response Capabilities (based on the principles of Business Continuity Planning) to cope with incidents-turned-into-disasters and actual disasters to save lives and mitigate the effect.


The same cannot be said about us especially in the Africa continent, our focus really is to acquire as much wealth as possible; the thought to save lives is way down our priorities both as individual and as corporate organization.


If your interest or your values includes consideration for lives around you, then I am glad, you are the reason why I am writing.

  • Have you at any time exclaimed " Ah! We do not know how to rescue people, timely"
  • Are you always worried about our poor timely response to incidents?
  • Are you always surprise seeing fast and effective response live, in other countries visited?
  • And you wonder why can these not happen in my own country?
  • Have you been a victim of our poor state of emergency response, leading to loss of lives of known person or relatives?

We can change our country one-person at a time and reduce high rate of unnecessary deaths, if we desire to have the knowledge of Business Continuity Planning.


A Business Continuity Plan is an ongoing process to ensure that necessary steps are taken to identify the impact of potential loses and maintain viable recoveries strategies, recovery plans and continuity of service in any organization.


It can also be defined as the art of making all the decisions that can be made in advance of a disaster.


This is knowledge that can pay you good dividend now and will help those in employment seeking for areas to engage in when they retire.


For those in employment or who are decision makers, in companies where plans are not in place should the risk identify crystallized into disaster, we need to act now. It is in our power get our staff trained.


The first step is to get the knowledge, then you can then (or we can help you) develop a plan to mitigate the effect of any type of incident within your local environment.


The ten Professional Practices are as follows:


Pre-Planning Stage

1. Program Initiation and Management

2. Risk Evaluation and Control

3. Business Impact Analysis


Planning Stage

4. Developing Business Continuity Strategies

5. Emergency Preparedness and Response

6. Developing and Implementing Business Continuity Plans


Post-Planning Stage

7. Awareness and Training Programs

8. Business Continuity Plan Exercise, Audit, and Maintenance

9. Crisis Communications

10. Coordination with External Agencies


Kindly call or email for the cost. 


We can give up to 10% discount depending on the number of course participants from your organization


There is a version specifically designed for higher institutions already in use in other universities abroad with reduced cost applicable for students. This knowledge will enable students to distinguish themselves in the labor market as the knowledge is not sector specific.


There are also organizations working in highly risky environment required by international standards such as in Aviation (NCAA, FAAN, AIB etc), Oil & Gas, Banking Sector, even the Military are not left out. The act of labeling our Disaster Recovery (IT) as Business Continuity Plan, OR having ONLY Emergency Response Plan, without the knowledge of Business Continuity Plan, is like having a partial knowledge instead of a full knowledge. This is dangerous, and to the International world, we become a laughing stock.  


Business Continuity knowledge is used extensively in Military formations/barracks/working environment, all Emergency personnel in developed countries have this knowledge, hence the ability to coordinate, communicate, and defer to the 'person in charge' despite rank or branch of the military.  


Kindly Google this up i.e. Business Continuity and Military, Business Continuity and Hospital, Business Continuity and Aviation etc.


Let us save lives and avoid wrangling at the scene of disasters as witnessed always.


We want to assure you that the course is internationally rated from DRI International with case study for each module, our course facilitators are certified, having passed the certification examination and also gone through the facilitator's training from DRI International. (We will also use our experience in Health, Safety and Environment to enrich and help explain further, if necessary.)  


This course has been delivered severally in Nigeria (to participants from First Bank, Fidelity Bank, FCMB, Ecobank, NPF Microfinance Bank PLC, Keystone Bank, NNPC, OK LNG, BRASS LNG, PZ, Swiss Pharma, NEMA and other corporate organizations) and outside the country to MTN Cote D'ivore in Abidjan with very good rating.


You can call and ask for proof of our claims.


Year 2014 calendar is as shown below;




Course NameDuration(Days)Course Date
BCLE 20004.5Jan. 13 - 17
BCLE 20004.5Feb. 10 - 14
BCLE 20004.5Mar 10 - 14
BCLE 20004.5Apr. 14 - 18
BCLE 20004.5May. 12 - 16
BCLE 20004.5Jun. 16 - 20
BCLE 20004.5Jul. 14 - 18
BCLE 20004.5Aug. 11 - 15
BCLE 20004.5Sep. 15 - 19
BCLE 20004.5Oct. 13 - 17
BCLE 20004.5Nov. 10 - 14
BCLE 20004.5Dec. 8 - 12




Kindly contact the undersigned for any question or if you have need for special packaged, course schedule/ or timing.



Thank you.



Philip Keshiro

DRI Nigeria


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