January 2022
Issue 03
In This Issue
  • Message from MANA President, Tom Metz
  • 4th Annual MANA Conference Announcement
  • Post-Conference reflections
  • News & Updates from MANA Interest Groups
  • Corporate Member Highlights
  • Key Dates & Resources
Message from MANA President, Tom Metz
On behalf of the MANA Board of Directors, I’d like to wish all our members a Happy New Year! With a new year comes new hope, and despite the current COVID Omicron variant surge, we are hopeful for a resolution to the pandemic in 2022. Along these lines, we are very excited to announce that the 4th Annual MANA conference will take place September 16-18, 2022 on the campus of the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, CA. The conference will be hosted by the University of Alberta and The Metabolomics Innovation Centre (TMIC), and the organizers have developed an engaging preliminary program. In addition to the annual conference, we extend a warm welcome to our new members, including new board member Professor Xiuxia Du. We invite all members to participate in various interest groups and initiatives within the association. MANA’s greatest asset is our uniquely skilled members, and we are thrilled to help support your research and career in metabolomics.
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4th Annual MANA Conference
We are pleased to announce that the 4th Annual MANA Conference will occur on September 16th - 18th, 2022 and in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, and will be hosted by the University of Alberta and The Metabolomics Innovation Centre. Register stay tuned for more information and available travel and career development awards.
MANA 2021 Post-Conference Reflections
Links to the recorded sessions have been emailed to our members. If you had registered for MANA 2021 and did not receive the links please notify us at secretary@metabolomicsna.org.
Awardees of MANA 2021
MANA offered a variety of awards for the MANA 2021 conference. We had many great applicants. MANA's award committee, chaired by Dr. Tim Garrett, judged each application and announced the awardees during the concluding remarks. We would like to thank all of our lightning talks and poster judges. MANA also proudly funded two Childcare grants during MANA 2021. If you have any questions regarding awards and opportunities for MANA 2022, please email us at awards@metabolomicsna.org.
MANA 2021 Conference Awardees:
Early Career Award
Dr. Robert Quinn

Mark P. Styczynski Early Career Award in Computational Metabolomics
Dr. Aleksandr Smirnov
ECM Lightning Talk Award
Xinyu Fu, Michigan State University
Matthias Klein, Ohio State University

ECM Best Poster Award
Yuanyue Li, UC Davis, Postdoc
Elena Legrand, McGill University, Postdoc
Dorsa Varshavi, University of Alberta, Postdoc
Armando Alcazar Magana, Oregon State University, Postdoc
Lisaura Maldonado-Pereira, Michigan State University, Postdoc
Russell Fling, Michigan State University, Graduate Student
Nathan Stevens, UC Davis, Graduate Student
Alexandra Cheney, Montana State University, Graduate Student
Yue Han, Georgia Tech University, Graduate Student
Nick Rigel, Ohio State University, Graduate Student
Ya-Chun Chan, University of Alberta, Undergraduate Student
Jerry Chen, UNC Charlotte, Undergraduate Student

Metabolomics Service Cores Best Poster Award
Oral: Brady Anderson, University of Michigan, Graduate Student
Poster: Wasim Sandhu, UC Davis, Laboratory Technician
MANA Membership Survey Results
Please check our website to review the results of MANA membership surveys. These surveys will enable MANA to offer activities that are best suited to the interests of the membership and include:
Survey 1 – Determining the types of metabolomics research performed amongst the MANA membership
Survey 2 – Gauging training, mentoring, career development, and mental health needs of trainees, and the role of supervisors or other mentors in addressing these needs.
Survey 3 – Assessing the metabolomics needs of the MANA membership
The Brief | Issue 03
WomiX: Womxn in Metabolomics
WomiX is committed to the advancement of Womxn in Metabolomics. Using “womxn” with an “x” in order to explicitly welcome trans women, transfeminine, genderfluid, and nonbinary participants. All MANA members and allies are welcome to our community!
WomiX RoundUP
We are looking for new content for the new WomiX RoundUP, a monthly email to stay connected with members. You can provide helpful tips, external events, job postings, etc. Send in content here!

If you’d like to join WomiX sign-up here! We encourage existing members to also fill this out so we can update member information!
Stay Connected!
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MANA Interest Group Updates
MANA Early Career Members
Happy New Year from the Early Career Members’ Council!
  • In Oct. 2021, we announced the 2022 MANA ECM Council during the MANA 2021 conference. Joining us is Arpana Vaniya as Chair, Brian DeFelice, Gonçalo Gouveia, and Raquel Cumeras as Council Members.
  • We'd also like to thank Kehau Hagiwara (Chair, Oct 2019-Jul 2021). As the inaugural chair, you tirelessly gave your time and resources to ECM, we couldn't have done it without you!
  • We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank our past council members for their service and time:
  • Christina M. Jones (Council Member) (Oct-2019 to Oct-2021)
  • Oana Zeleznik (Council Member) (Oct-2019 to Oct-2021)
  • Franklin Earl Leach III (Council Member) (Oct-2019 to Oct-2020)
  • Biswapriya Misra (Council Member) (Oct-2019 to Mar-2020)
Our mission is to empower the next generation of scientists in the field of metabolomics in North America by supporting opportunities for mentorship, networking, training, and career development. As part of the ECM mission, we are bringing more events, workshops, networking opportunities, and/or fun! throughout the year to better serve our members!
Upcoming events:
  • 2022 ECM Virtual Job Fair | Virtual
  • ECM will be holding three job fairs throughout the year!
  • As an employer or recruiter, you’ll get the opportunity to meet potential candidates. As someone who is in the market, this is a great opportunity for you to meet potential employers from different tracks (i.e., Academia, Industry, or Government/Nonprofit).
  • We will help employers and potential candidates meet effortlessly in a virtual capacity via Zoom! Using Breakout Rooms, we'll set up and manage interviews and/or informal meetings.
  • Save the dates & register:
  • Feb 4, 2022 from 12 - 1 pm EST | Register
  • May 6, 2022 from 12 - 1 pm EST | Register
  • 3rd date TBD will be held during MANA 2022 conference
  • If you are an employer or recruiter and would like to participate in the 2022 ECM Virtual Job Fair, email us at jobfair@metabolomicsna.org
If you’re not already part of the email list, please send us an email with your name, the year of the last degree, and what email address you would like to use. We can be reached at earlycareer@metabolomicsna.org.
Metabolomics Cores
Call for participation
ABRF Metabolomics Research Group 2022 Study
 Compound Identification
Metabolomics Cores Interest Group is excited to call on members to participate in a new compound identification study by the Metabolomics Research Group of ABRF. The aim of this study is to quantify inter-personal and inter-lab variability of compound identification. We invite PIs, trainees, and professional staff of metabolomics laboratories to participate. The participants will be asked to identify 10 common metabolites from two provided datasets. In addition, participants are asked to provide information on instrumentation, types of application, etc. utilizing the online ‘SurveyMonkey’.
For more information on this study visit: ABRF- MRG page

For more information on MANA Cores email us at: cores@metabolomicsna.org or visit our website.
  • MANA Microbiome Interest Group (MIG) held an instructional workshop during MANA 2021 conference by our panel of experts: Dr. Mark Brown (Cleveland Clinic), Dr. Mary Lipton (PNNL), Dr. Tom Metz (PNNL), Dr. Maryam Goudarzi (Cleveland Clinic), and Dr. Ken Liu (Emory). The workshop was well received and attended by 105 members most of whom identified as students and early-careers (<10 years post-PhD). The attendees identified compound identification and informatics as the major challenges they face with their microbiome data. We hope to focus the next workshop on these topics. If you have any suggestions or would like to be involved please email us.
  • MANA MIG has also planned an exciting lineup of speakers for our 2022 seminar series. Our next seminar will be on February 16th, 2022 by Dr. Jonathan Jacobs, a physician scientist at UCLA Microbiome Center, on "defining a pre-disease microbial risk state for inflammatory bowel disease". If you'd like to receive the links for the seminars or if you'd like to be considered as a speaker please email us.

For more information email us at: mana.microbiome@metabolomicsna.org or visit our website.
Educational Resources
Virtual Metabolomics Journal Club

The VMJC meetings are planned for the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 3:00 pm ET, beginning January 26, 2022. If anyone is interested in joining the group, please contact us at khoward@uga.edu.
2022 UC Davis WCMC Metabolomics Courses

The UC Davis West Coast Metabolomics Center holds a series of training courses throughout the year for professional researchers, graduate students, postdocs, staff, and scientists. See what's new for 2022!

If you'd like more information please contact us at jmartins@ucdavis.edu
Check out our website for more information!
Get an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL if you signup for all 10-bites by Jan 12, 2022. You can also pick and choose which courses you would like to register for.
Have instructional courses to offer?
If you are interested in submitting content regarding instructional courses email us at mana@metabolomicsna.org!
The next MANA SODA Meets event will occur on Tuesday, February 8th at 3 pm EST. SODA Meets is a platform where data generators and computational scientists present on software or data they would like to share with the community, emphasizing how these software/data are used effectively. The goal of SODA is to provide a community-driven resource of actively maintained software, test datasets used for software benchmarking, and results produced by the software.  You can learn more by visiting the SODA webpage

We will have two presenters:
  • Olatomiwa Bifarin (Georgia Institute of Technology) – “Machine Learning-Enabled Renal Cell Carcinoma Status Prediction Using Multiplatform Urine-Based Metabolomics”
  • Yuanyue Li (UC Davis) – “Spectral entropy outperforms MS/MS dot product similarity for small-molecule compound identification”

Join Zoom Meeting

If you’d like to present at future SODA meets, please sign up on the SODA webpage or contact us directly at soda-committee@metabolomicsna.org
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Corporate Member Highlights
If you are interested in being our next corporate member to be highlighted submit your content to our email mana@metabolomicsna.org!
Thank you to all of our corporate members!
Agilent Technologies
Agilent is proud to expand upon our metabolomics expertise with a new Application Note detailing a targeted LC/TQ method to comprehensively profile the plasma lipidome across large population cohorts.  The method leverages the exquisite sensitivity of the 6495C LC/TQ for the determination of 763 different human lipid species from an injection equivalent of 0.1 µL of plasma.  The App Note details sample preparation, lipid extraction, QC strategies, ISTD formulation, instrument conditions, and data processing using Agilent MassHunter software.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Orbitrap IQ-X Tribrid Mass Spectrometer - Designed for small-molecule analysis

Thermo Fisher Scientific™ is a proud supporter of the MANA conference. Each year the field of metabolomics helps shed light on complex biological problems and we at Thermo Scientific™ strive to provide innovations to help solve the most difficult analytical challenges. The Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap IQ-X™ Tribrid™ mass spectrometer enables comprehensive sample coverage and in-depth structural characterization with features, such as Real-Time Library Search (RTLS), AcquireX data acquisition workflow for an efficient and comprehensive sample and study characterization, and Ultraviolet Photodissociation (UVPD) for improved characterization of metabolites: www.thermofisher.com/OrbitrapIQ-X 
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Metabolomics Related Events
The next 50th International Symposium of High Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques (HPLC 2022) will be June 18-23, 2022 in San Diego, California, USA.
Key Dates & Resources
September 16 - 18, 2022 | Edmonton, Alberta Canada | In-person

June 18-23, 2022 | San Diego, CA | In-person