October 2021
Issue 02
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  • Message from MANA President, Tom Metz
  • MANA Survey Results
  • 3rd Annual MANA Conference
  • Awards for 3rd Annual MANA Conference
  • News & Updates from MANA Interest Groups
  • Corporate Member Highlights
  • Key Dates & Resources
Message from MANA President, Tom Metz
The 3rd Annual MANA Conference is nearly here! I would like to thank the organizers at The Ohio State University – Drs. Jessica Cooperstone, Rachel Kopec, Julie Manning, and Matthew Teegarden – and their Scientific Organizing Committee for developing an exciting conference program and webpage. The conference will be held virtually October 18-21, 2021, and the program is now complete, with the following highlights: 

We are looking forward to seeing you there!
The Brief | Issue 02
MANA Survey Results

Three surveys were sent out to the MANA membership earlier this year. These surveys will enable MANA to offer activities that are best suited to the interests of the membership while also strengthening sponsor collaborations. The results of these surveys are summarized below:

Survey 1 – Determining the types of metabolomics research performed amongst the MANA membership
Survey 2 – Gauging training, mentoring, career development, and mental health needs of trainees, and the role of supervisors or other mentors in addressing these needs.
Survey 3 – Assessing the metabolomics needs of the MANA membership

3rd Annual MANA Conference
The 3rd Annual MANA Conference is coming up on Oct 18th - 21 hosted by Ohio State University. Register for the conference here.
Plenary speakers include:

Instructional workshops | Monday, Oct. 18, 2021:
  • COLMAR (Complex Mixture Analysis by NMR)
  • Presented by: Rafael Brüschweiler & Abigail Leggett, The Ohio State University
  • Global Natural Products Social Molecular Networking (GNPS)
  • Presented by: Ming Wang & Pieter Dorrestein, University of California San Diego
  • Skyline
  • Presented by: Will Thompson, Duke University
  • Microbiome Metabolomics
  • Presented by: Dr. Mark Brown (Cleveland Clinic), Dr. Mary Lipton (PNNL), Dr. Tom Metz (PNNL), Dr. Maryam Goudarzi (Cleveland Clinic), and Dr. Ken Liu (Emory)
  • Wine Tasting by NMR
  • Presented by: Lloyd Sumner, University of Missouri

Oral Presentations | 6 parallel sessions | Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2021 & Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2021:
  • Biomedical 1, Computational, Food/Nutrition, Agriculture, Ecology & the Environment, Biomedical 2, and Metabolite ID

Corporate Events | Tuesday, Oct.19, 2021 & Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021:
  • Waters: Advances in high-resolution LC-MS and Mass Spectrometry Imaging, for deeper and more confident measurement of the metabolome | Register here
  • Agilent: Lipidomics Workflows – From discovery Experiments to Quantitative Analysis | Register here
  • IROA: Why not make your data worth working up? The IROA way to better data quality 
  • Biocrates: Zooming into your favorite metabolic pathway: Combining broad and targeted metabolite profiles for a deeper understanding of the metabolome
  • Avanti: Dr. Julijana Ivanisevic, SPLASH products
  • Bruker: Live demo of lipid profiling workflows using MetaboScape | Dr. Sven Meyer, Senior Scientist, Bruker
  • MilliporeSigma: Presentation by Dr. Ameer Taha
  • Cambridge Isotopes

Follow us on Twitter as we live-tweet during the conference, use the hashtag #MANA2021 or tag us to stay connected!
Awards for 3rd Annual MANA Conference
There will be a number and variety of awards this year for MANA 2021! To be considered for these awards, please indicate so when you register. Note that some awards require a separate application. Please contact awards@metabolomicsna.org with questions about awards.
Application Required:
  • Early Career Award, $1000 | Award application is closed
  • Mark P. Styczynski Early Career Award in Computational Metabolomics, $1000 | Award application is closed
  • Emerging Leader Award in Metabolomics Service Cores, $1000 toward training | Deadline: October 1, 2021
  • MANA Childcare Grants, Up to $250 | Deadline: October 1, 2021
Presentation Based: Please indicate the appropriate award(s) for consideration during conference registration
  • ECM Lightning Talk Award, $100 | Register by October 1, 2021
  • ECM Best Poster Award - Postdoctoral Fellow, $100
  • ECM Best Poster Award - Graduate Student, $100
  • ECM Best Poster Award - Undergraduate Student, $100
  • Metabolomics Service Cores Best Poster Award, $500
The Brief | Issue 02
WomiX: Womxn in Metabolomics
WomiX is committed to the advancement of Womxn in Metabolomics. Using “womxn” with an “x” in order to explicitly welcome trans women, transfeminine, genderfluid, and nonbinary participants. All MANA members and allies are welcome to our community!
Stay Connected!
The Brief | Issue 02
MANA Interest Group Updates
MANA Early Career Members
The Early Career Members’ Council has been busy this summer!
  • In July 2021, we announced a call for applications to the 2022 MANA ECM Council election of one officer position and three at-large Council positions. The new 2022 MANA ECM Council will be announced in the coming MANA 2021 conference.
  • In September 2021, we hosted a series of events for the National Postdoc Appreciation Week. The goal of these events was to celebrate our ECM postdocs, provide networking opportunities, and provide helpful tips and strategies to ensure their career advancement.

MANA ECM at MANA 2021 Conference:
  • MANA ECM Speed Networking Job Fair
  • Tuesday, Oct. 19 from 2:50 – 4:20 pm EST
  • This is an online platform to “match” the employer and employee with new metabolomics/analytical chemistry positions across all job sectors.
  • If you are posting a job: click here
  • If you are looking for a job: click here
  • MANA ECM Interactive Forum, Roads Less Traveled: A look into successful non-traditional career paths in metabolomics
  • Wednesday, Oct. 20 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm EST
  • We'll highlight alternative careers in metabolomics. Panelists for this event will include pioneers and trailblazers outside of the traditional laboratorian role who are excelling in their alternative metabolomics careers. Attendees will be provided with insight into these alternative career trajectories, effective salary negotiation strategies for these respective roles, and the necessary soft/hard skills needed to be successful.
  • We are also sponsoring the following awards Early Career Award, ECM Lightning Talk Award, and the ECM Best Poster Award(s). 

If you’re not already part of the email list, please send us an email with your name, the year of the last degree, and what email address you would like to use. We can be reached at earlycareer@metabolomicsna.org.

We hope to see you all at MANA 2021!!
Metabolomics Cores
Join the Metabolomics Cores Interest Group & J. Will Thompson from 908 Devices at MANA 2021 Instructional Workshops on Monday, Oct. 18, 2021 from 11:00 - 1:00 pm EST for an Introduction to Skyline: an open-source tool for small molecule data analysis
  • Live demo and Q&A session on applications of Skyline with respect to (1) Small molecule method development and (2) Quantitative data analysis
  • Sign up for instructional workshops in the conference registration portal

For more information email us at: cores@metabolomicsna.org or visit our website.
  • Members of the MANA Microbiome Interest Group recently authored a perspective paper in mSystems titled "Bridging the Gap between Analytical and Microbial Sciences in Microbiome Research". The paper was led by Professor Robert Quinn at Michigan State University and highlights the need for improved communication between the microbiome scientists and the analytical chemists at various stages of a microbiome study.
  • MIG is also planning an Instructional Workshop at MANA 2021 on October 18, 2021 at 1:30-4:00 pm EST titled "Metabolomics in Microbiome Research: Lessons learned".
  • The workshop will cover essential topics such as:
  • Experimental design and sample handling considerations, how to choose the right analytical platform, considerations for non-mammalian microbiome studies, using reference materials, and applications of imaging mass spectrometry in microbiome research. 
  • Our expert panel includes Dr. Mark Brown (Cleveland Clinic), Dr. Mary Lipton (PNNL), Dr. Tom Metz (PNNL), Dr. Maryam Goudarzi (Cleveland Clinic), and Dr. Ken Liu (Emory).

For more information email us at: mana.microbiome@metabolomicsna.org or visit our website.
The SODA (SOftware and DAta) Exchange team is launching “SODAMeets”!
  • The goal of SODA is to provide a community-driven resource of actively maintained software, test datasets used for software benchmarking, and results produced by the software.
  • SODAMeets is a monthly forum for a live discussion of all things software and data related.
  • A platform for data generators and computational scientists who can share their use of software/data.
  • Each meeting, we will have two speakers present on software or data they would like to share with the community, emphasizing how these software/data are used.

The first inaugural meeting of SODAMeets will be on October 12, 2021 at 3 pm EST with presentations by Profs. Oliver Fiehn and Mark Styczynski!

For more information email us at: soda@metabolomicsna.org or visit our website.
The Brief | Issue 02
Corporate Member Highlights
If you are interested in being our next corporate member to be highlighted submit your content to our email mana@metabolomicsna.org!
Thank you to all of our corporate members!
biocrates life sciences

biocrates mission is to make metabolomics accessible to enable breakthroughs in biomedical research. Our innovative kit technology and metabolomic assays help scientists gather insights into disease prevention and personalized health. We offer quantitative coverage of >1000 metabolites from as little as 10 µL of sample using LC-MS technology with high-throughput, standardized methods scalable for longitudinal large cohort studies. Check out our kit technology, key applications, and CR services. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.
New Metabolomics Research Center on the new SigmaAldrich.com. Find technical articles, related protocols, applications, and products in one place about:
  • Pharmaceutical research to help characterize and identify novel biomarkers of disease and assess toxicity for personalized medicine
  • Functional genomics integration, or the study of the interaction of the genome, transcriptome, proteome, and metabolome to predict gene function
  • Microbial mining and strain optimization
  • Plant metabolomics
  • Environmental research
  • Nutritional research
Waters is delighted to support the MANA conference again. Whilst it’s been a difficult year, even a pandemic hasn’t slowed Waters’ innovation. Launched this year, ACQUITY Premier and the SELECT SERIES MRT, are already impacting metabolomics research. Join us at our lunch symposium on Tuesday, October 19, 2021, to learn more about these exciting new products and how your metabolomics research can benefit from fully supported workflows and methods with SELECT SERIES CyclicIMS and Progenesis QI.
Click here to register for our lunch seminar.
The Brief | Issue 02
Key Dates & Resources
3rd Annual MANA Conference
October 18 - 21, 2021 | Virtual | More information