January 23, 2019
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As I’m sure we can all agree, water leaks – whether from roof deficiencies, improper flashing installation, inclement weather patterns, or simple product aging - are the bane of many shareholders, homeowners’ and board of directors and managers existence when they occur. Not only are they a nuisance in general but can prove costly depending on the source and extent of the leak. Water infiltration can also cause mold issues, which can then result in a whole myriad of unfortunate events – so it’s always best to stay ahead of any potential problem. However, unlike a leaky faucet or drafty window, which may only require a simple maintenance fix, more obtrusive water leaks can sometimes be very difficult to locate and even more challenging to temporarily fix in the colder weather while you wait out a more complete repair in the warmer temperatures. There are several types of technologies that can be used to help find the water source and extent of leaks, while other technologies can be utilized to help minimize the damage these leaks may cause. Knowing what makes leaks happen, the ways that they are discovered and how they’re repaired, is essential for anyone living in a multi-family building since many walls are shared.

During the winter months, it may not always be feasible to fully repair the source of water infiltration due to temperatures and product contraction. Working with a highly experienced contractor, and qualified engineer will provide you with the proper tools to best approach a short-term solution until the temperature rises above 40 degrees. Depending on the extent of the damage, one option may be to “spot-treat” the area until a larger building improvement repair can be completed. Water leaks in buildings are quite often caused from failures in the façade, roof age and/or deficiencies, plumbing failures (burst pipes) or related to extensive wind and rainfall (gutters and downspouts). Areas of the roof where flashing is used are typically the weakest points on the roof and are the spots most likely to be compromised.

When they are found, leaks can be repaired in various ways. For example, if a leak is found in the area of flashing around a chimney, the flashing may need to be spot replaced. The type of fix for a leak is dependent upon the diagnosed problem, conditions of the building material and the age and stability of the building component (such as a roof, stone or brick façade or window casings). Whatever the cause, there is a viable solution.

If your building shows any signs of water intrusion, you can rely on our experienced team to inspect, assess and repair the source in an efficient and effective manner, whether it be a temporary fix in the winter months, or a more comprehensive repair in the warmer months.
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NICK RUSSO, Director of
Compliance & Estimating

Nick received his Bachelor of Science from James Madison University while studying mathematics and the sciences. Having a strong passion in education, he subsequently pursued and received a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. Having a multi-faceted foundation in physics, strict focus on pharmacy regulations, and background in business, collaboratively led to his success in the construction industry. Given the strict demands and full compliance to safety standards placed upon construction industry professionals, along with no margin for error, Nick has spent considerable time studying and standardizing these demands in multiple working environments.

Nick brings over 12 years of construction experience to Regal Restoration, which includes a high level of accuracy and precision in estimating and developing protocols for standard operating procedures. Although Nick doesn’t hold a license in engineering, he continues to expand his knowledge in mathematics and sciences by working directly with many of the project engineers to ensure accuracy and proper specification of plan details. Nick has passed both Florida General Contracting examinations, which builds on his licensing credentials and will offer new market opportunities and expansion to Regal. 

Nick considers himself very dynamic and brings another layer of expertise to the Regal Team. He strives for perfection and will undoubtedly provide that added assurance to current and potential business partners, and to each project he oversees.


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