Donate to The Cathedral's MANNA program as they expanded their offering to those in most need during this time of crisis.
Dear friends,

As we observe the Easter season here at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, we are deeply aware that COVID-19 has altered, for the time being, every facet of our common life: worship, work, and communicating. We pray you are well. We pray for those who are sick. We pray for those caring for the ill. And, with you, we pray for an end to this pandemic and for the time when we will be together again in common space as God’s people.

I’m writing to you today with a request of some urgency regarding our MANNA ministry. As you may know, direct services to Boston’s homeless population have been decimated by COVID-19. Many service agencies are shuttered at this time, and while the City has added some overnight shelter spaces, the need for food, water and restrooms during the day goes unaddressed. The feeding ministry of our MANNA Community is therefore more urgently needed than ever. MANNA has expanded its ministry, for the time being, serving breakfast and giving out water on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays, and continuing with a lunch on Mondays. And our new costs are significant: required pre-packaged food represents a significant new expense for us. Here’s how the Rev. Jennifer McCracken describes MANNA’s current ministry in a recent letter to our five partner parishes: “With support from Bishop Gates, Dean Amy, and our allies at City Hall, we have been able to remain open at the Cathedral for MANNA. We are fully aware of the inherent risk in continuing to provide space for respite, bathroom care, and food and water for our unhoused brothers and sisters. As their resources have dwindled away, there really is no other place for our folks to be. The streets are virtually empty except for the homeless population. All the usual places where they find food, water, and rest have closed. Those that collect money by holding a cup out are not getting any because there are no people around to give them any. For some, that means no food or drink sometimes for days at a time and on the days the Cathedral is open for MANNA, there is a constant stream of people looking for food.”  

Your Cathedral is responding just now by expanding our mission to be a place of solace, peace, and nourishment for those who have nowhere else to go just now. Would you consider making a gift now to support us in responding to an unprecedented need? An anonymous donor has issued a challenge gift. For every dollar raised up to $5,000 they will match with a gift up to a total of $5,000. Please help us to achieve this first goal.

The quickest way to help is to donate online here . Enter your information (see above diagram); donation amount, your payment information, and select “ MANNA ” from the drop-down list in the I want my donation to be designated toward section. If you’d prefer to send a check, please make it payable to The Cathedral Church of St Paul and designate your donation for MANNA in the memo section and mail to: 

The Cathedral Church of St Paul
Attn: Kevin Vetiac
138 Tremont St
Boston MA 02111

Please share this email with any like-minded friends who may be willing to donate, or share this link to the appeal letter: .

With our deepest thanks for your generosity, and our continuing prayers for your health and the health of those you love.

(The Very Rev.) Amy McCreath
Dean, Cathedral Church of St Paul


For a spiritual reflection regarding COVID-19 and the MANNA community, listen to our Holy Saturday Sermon found here .