MANP Annual Meeting
Saturday October 5, 2019
Great Northern Hotel - Helena, Montana

Annual Meeting and Officer Elections
Our Annual Membership Meeting
Saturday October 5th, 12:30 pm

Friends and colleagues, fellow naturopaths!

This is it! This is the time we come together. This is the opportunity to celebrate what we have accomplished and to shift our attention toward what we will accomplish in the coming years. 

I ask that you take the time to review the 2018 minutes and the agenda in advance of our annual meeting so that - if needed - you are prepared to comment or discuss. 

I am genuinely excited for our annual meeting this year, and on Saturday you will find out why!

In health,
Dawn M Dalili, ND
MANP president
Saturday, October 5, 2019

Call to Order
Dr. Dawn Dalili, President
Dr. Jennifer Krieger, Vice President
Dr. Danielle Phillips-Dorsett, Secretary
Dr. Erika Krumbeck, Treasurer

Approve Agenda, any additions
Approve previous Meeting Minutes (2018)
(Please preview, below in this email)

President’s Address

2020 Budget, Dr. Erika Krumbeck, Treasurer

Strategic Plan
Intro, Strategic Plan Champion, Dr. Jennifer Krieger
Strategic Plan Task Force Chair, Dr. Danielle Phillips-Dorsett

Legislative Action Working Group
LAWG Chair, Dr. Mackenzie Mescon

Spring Conference Committee
Committee Chair, Dr. Kaley Burns

Montana Board of Alternative Healthcare
Dr. Christine White, AHC Board Member

AANP House of Delegates
Dr. Danielle Phillips-Dorsett, Bylaws Changes Passed at 2019 Meeting

Dr. Danielle Phillips-Dorsett, Secretary
An updated 2020-2021 Strategic Plan will be presented

It's Dr. Krieger here, Strategic Plan Champion! I have been tasked with keeping the MANP membership up-to-date regarding the development of our MANP Strategic Plan. As a reminder, the Strategic Plan is ultimately the mastermind behind why the MANP exists. What do we want to do as an organization? What direction and focus should we take the organization? The Strategic Plan committee consists of Dr. Mescon, Dr. Dalili, Dr. Phillips-Dorsett, myself, and our Executive Director, Ingrid Lovitt.  

The committee met for the fifth time on September 9th to review our final draft and overall membership input All in all, the committee has put in about 50 hours of work on this ever important document, and we are so excited to present this at our fall conference in Helena this year! Thank you to everyone who provided feedback and input over the summer. We appreciate your involvement in the future of our organization.
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