Weekly Update
April 17, 2020
Dear MANS Member Administrators,

The past month has brought many new challenges for you as leaders. Without hesitation, you forged forward with distance learning in a limited time frame. The MANS staff has seen many wonderful stories of how you are connecting with your students and providing faith-centered content. We are in awe of you and your staff during this unprecedented time. The following will keep you up-to-date on the efforts MANS has been taking on your behalf during this period:
  • CARES Act advocacy: In partnership with the Council for American Private Education (CAPE), MANS advocated for the inclusion of non-public schools in the CARES Act which includes two funds: 1) the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund and 2) the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund (GEER). We sent out a Call to Action, inviting all non-public schools in the state to contact our U.S. Senators. This effort was successful with your assistance. MANS continues to be in contact with the Governor’s office and key state policymakers to advocate for equitable funding.
  • Weekly Board MeetingsMANS has been convening its Board of Directors, weekly made to provide a space for your leaders to review urgent legislative and policy updates and to collaborate on best practices.
  • State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs): The MANS staff worked with the Michigan Department of Education to develop a program allowing teachers to earn SCECHs for the preparation and implementation of distance learning. You can learn more about this opportunity below.
  • COVID-19 Resources: MANS has been collecting resources and information related to COVID-19 and distance learning. You will find regularly updated information on our website. Click here to access the resource list. (Note: you do not need to be logged in to access this information).
  • MNSAA Visit Modifications: The MNSAA Leadership Council and Regional Coordinators recently revised the process by which spring visits will be conducted. To reduce potential delays, visit teams will conduct as much of the visit as possible electronically and will complete the remaining portions when school resumes in the fall.

We know that you likely have been receiving a flood of emails regarding COVID-19. It is MANS intent to provide helpful content and updates. Moving forward we will be sending weekly updates with any updated information. If there is anything that is more time sensitive, we will send it out separately.

Finally, we want to hear from you on how MANS can better communicate with you during this time. Click here to participate is a brief survey regarding MANS communications.

Again, we admire your efforts during this time and thank you for your ongoing support in our shared mission of creating Disciples of Christ.  

Brian Broderick
Executive Director
Faith Filled Schools
We will begin each update with a story about a member school that is going above and beyond connecting with students during the school closer. Staff at Cristo Rey Catholic School in Detroit created a video to share with students encouraging them during this time. Make sure to visit our Facebook page to see more stories like this!

COVID-19 Updates
Frequently Asked Questions
The Michigan Association of Non-public Schools has been compiling questions and answers o n inquiries we have received regarding COVID-19. The FAQ page will be regularly updated as we receive questions.

Waiver for Required Professional Learning and Professional Learning Hours Required for Certificate Renewal and Progression
Executive Order 2020-35 waives compliance regarding requirements for teachers in their first three years of employment and the requirement for districts to provide five days of teacher professional development.

Waiver for Required of School Counselor Professional Learning
Executive Order 2020-35 waives strict compliance regarding requirements for school counselors certificate renewal. The order also lowers the total number of required professional development hours from 150 to 100 to renew a certificate that would expire June 30, 2020.

Educator's Guide to Supporting The Social and Emotional Needs of Students
The Michigan Department of Education and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services created a guide for educators to support their student's social and emotional needs during COVID-19.

Guidance for Compliance With the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act and the Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic
The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) Office of Special Education (OSE) through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education (MARSE) require districts to provide special education and related services to students with individualized education programs (IEPs) regardless of the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and public health emergency.

Michigan Department of Education's Guide to Distance Learning
This month the Michigan Department of Education released a guide for distance learning.

Best Practices for School Food Service Providing Meals During COVID-19
The Michigan Department of Education and the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) developed Best Practices for School Food Service Providing Meals During the COVID-19 Outbreak. The document is intended to help school nutrition and meal transportation personnel make informed decisions about COVID-19 to minimize the risk of exposure to staff and their families, as well as the children and families receiving meals.

Information for Families with Children Receiving Special Education Services
The MDE Office of Special Education provided a fact sheet for supporting children with intellectual and developmental disabilities during extended times away from school and changing routines due to health outbreaks. 

COVID-19 Response Grants
The Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) is offering grants to high schools, Local College Access Networks, community-based nonprofit organizations, and higher education institutions. The COVID-19 Response Grants provide a flexible funding pathway to support emergent post-secondary projects and programs in their communities.

Michigan Department of Education Updates
National School Lunch Program (NSLP) Equipment Assistance Grant 2021
Michigan has been selected to receive over $600,000 in federal funds to provide School Food Authorities (SFAs) with grants to purchase, renovate, install, and/or replace food service equipment. The application deadline has been extended for these grants to May 4, 2020.

Distance Learning Support and Professional Learning
Michigan Virtual Resources for Teachers
Michigan Virtual is providing a number of free resources for teachers to use as they implement distance learning. There resources include:
FACTS Education Solutions Webcasts
FACTS Education Solutions has hosted a number of webinars regarding distance learning. They have recorded them and can be found at the link below.

Michigan State University Office of K-12 Outreach: Guidance for School Leaders
Michigan State University's Office of K-12 Outreach has provided guidance for school leaders during this time of distance learning.

MANS and MESC Updates
MANS Services Survey
Please take a moment to help MANS better understand your needs during the COVID-19 pandemic and into the future.

Michigan Equitable Service Collaborative (MESC) FREE Virtual Learning Institute - April, 24, 2020
The Michigan Equitable Service Collaborative (MESC) is excited to partner with Catapult Learning to provide virtual Professional Development opportunities. On April 24, 2020, participants will be able to chose from a variety of sessions. The focus is on leveraging learning opportunities in remote learning situations. State Continuing Education Clock Hours will be available.

Learning Forward Cohort and Standards Assessment Inventory
The Michigan Equitable Service Collaborative (MESC) is excited to partner with Learning Forward to offer Michigan non-public schools the opportunity to participate in both the Standards Assessments Inventory and the Learning Leaders Cohort. These two opportunities will allow leaders an in-depth look at the professional learning occurring in their buildings and how they align with the Learning Forward Professional Learning Standards.

One Michigan One Mission Conference - October 15-16, 2020
Come October, we will be ready to come together as Christian educators and church workers to celebrate the work of the Lord. Make sure to mark your calendars for October 15-16, 2020 for the One Michigan One Mission Conference in Lansing, Michigan. Visit the MANS website for more information regarding lodging and Keynote Presenters.

Student Engagement Opportunities
The Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools (MANS) and Michigan District-LCMS are proud to sponsor ArtPraise: A Faith-Based Student Art Competition taking place October 15-16, 2020 at the ONE Michigan ONE Mission Conference. Students who are ages Pre-K – Grade 12 currently attending a MANS member school are invited to create an original piece of art in any medium reflecting this year’s theme “One community in Christ.” Conference participants will vote for their favorite art submission Thursday and prizes for the top three winners will be awarded Friday.

How You Can Help
Make a Vet Smile
The Michigan Veterans Home has started an initiative to reach out to the veterans at the Veterans Home who could use a smile during this time. They are asking for students and adults to share their spirit by sending video greetings, note cards and pictures to our Veteran Home residents and veterans who may be isolated at home and welcoming of your outreach.

Michigan 2-1-1
Do you have families at your school in need of assistance? Connect them with Michigan 2-1-1. Michigan 2-1-1 is an easy way to connect with help of all kinds, right in your community.

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