May 2018 Newsletter
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You may have heard someone say, "If you want the house to look bigger, you really need to trim the hedges."  And, most likely, if you heard it, you probably also understood the unspoken reference to the term 'manscaping' and you presumably even figured out why it's important!  While 'manscaping' is practically self-explanatory, Dr. Yagoda believes that mantenance requires a mention. 

According to ASAPS (American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) statistics for 2017, male Botox treatments (commonly referred to as Brotox) totaled over 160,000, up 5% from the year prior, and up a whopping 40% increase over the last five years. In addition, there was an rise in men's use of fillers and chemical peels.  Asian, African American, Latin and Caucasian men sought anti-aging treatments.  The majority of non-surgical rejuvenation procedures were performed on men between the ages of 35 and 65.

Studies indicate that the rising trend in male aesthetics,  (Dr. Yagoda refers to this as  man tenance),  is likely due to the following: 
  • the desire to maintain a competitive advantage in the workplace; 
  • the need to please a spouse or look compatible in age; 
  • increased acceptance of these treatments among men (as many websites now target men); and, 
  • the popular engagement in social media and online dating and its requisite need for aesthetic (but realistic) visual imagery through photography.  

Dr. Yagoda can improve your skin's texture, color and firmness with a customized combination of medical grade topical products , peels , lasers , filler and neurotoxins

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