MAP @ the Pfaff January Newsletter 2020
The MAP @ the Pfaff Staff would like to thank all the families for their generous contributions to the Teacher Appreciation Holiday Fund, sending in sweet treats, cards and other thoughtful gifts! We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work in an environment where each day is truly a rewarding one for all of us.      
-Have A Happy 2020 !!!
Leah, Katelyn, Tom, Maddie, Eric,
Desiree, Nicole, and Kurt
Upcoming Events:

Friday, January 17 - Early Release Day
Theme: National Kid Inventor's Day
Please don't forget to have your child pack a lunch and notify us if your child will be late or absent.
*** Kids are allowed to walk uptown and return to MAP with your permission as long as we are notified with an arrival time back to MAP.

Monday, January 20- MAP Closed for MLK Day 

Tuesday, February 4- Early Release Day Theme: TBD

Monday, February 17- MAP Closed for President's Day

February 18-20 - February Break @ MAP  - MAP will be open the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of February Break.   Special Sign up: Check your MAP emails on Monday, 1/6 and it will be due back to MAP by Tuesday 1/21.

Friday, February 21 - MAP Closed  - We will be closed for a program-wide Teacher Professional Development Day.

A Note About Next School Year:
Happy New Year! While it seems like the next school year is very far away, we’ve begun planning & preparing for 2020-2021! 
For families with an incoming Jump Starter or Kindergartner, please email Annette,  to be placed on the list to receive our registration materials. In the email, please include your name, your child’s name, and if you are interested in Jump Start or Kindergarten. We are anticipating the school sending out their placements in mid-to late February. If that happens, MAP will send out our registration information after February Vacation.
MAP families have often shared with us how much their children have enjoyed and learned during their time at MAP. We hope that if you have the opportunity to share your child’s MAP experience with future Jump Start or Kindergarten families, you’ll let them know that MAP is a great place to be!
For our current families, MAP will be conducting re-enrollment for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year during that same time, February 25 – March 13, 2020. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and to pass along my contact information to anyone interested in MAP.
 (508) 359-0003
Annette M.J. Gallagher, M.Ed., Executive Director
A Look Back On December
Happy Holidays, MAP Families! We were filled with joy and excitement as we approached the end of the year and can’t wait for what this year has in store! We would like to thank those kids who worked so diligently with helping to make the decorations for this year's Angel Run. It takes a special kid to donate their time to make something that does not directly benefit themselves. Your hard work helps in creating a wonderful community. During our first two half days, we had a Winter Box Carnival. On the 5th the kids teamed up, used boxes, recycled materials and imaginative ingenuity to create an amazing and fun-filled Carnival Day on the 10th . MAP also participated in the Holiday Stroll where our MAP kids were able to sell some of their handmade goods. They were a hit and raised over $280 dollars in sales. On Wednesday, December 18th, some of our MAPsters performed the Polar Express for kids and teachers over at the K-1 site. We sang songs, played instruments and drank hot chocolate as thick as melted chocolate bars. It is a magical tradition started three years ago and certainly a keeper for years to come. Lastly, on the 4th early-release day, we had our 3rd annual Yankee Swap during our Day of Merriment. Kids went home with either a great gift or fond memories. Everyone certainly left with a smile and the thought of what might have been. Thanks for your support in making this happen . A big shout out to Maddie and her Drawing Club for putting the finishing touches on the halls of Dale St.School. The MAPsters have certainly left their positive mark on their school!

New Clubs Starting Next Week!!
Our 3rd round of clubs start next week. Ask your MAPster what club they are planning on signing up for.

Mondays: Service Learning Club w/Leah
In this club kids will collectively identify an issue and come up with effective ways to raise money, such as fundraising, to better our community. This club will be an uplifting way to get kids excited about helping others and feeling accomplished by making a difference, no matter how small. It's the perfect opportunity to learn about responsibility and develop planning and organizational skills in a fun and encouraging environment.

Tuesdays: Mardi Gras Club w/Nicole
Let's get the party started! Kids will have the opportunity to experience and learn all about Mardi Gras, without any of the travel expenses, in Nicole's Mardi Gras club. Nicole, who as been a part of the awesome celebration and previously resided in New Orleans is bringing the festivities to MAP. Kids will design masks and beaded attire and make their very own king cake among several other activities!

Wednesdays: Marvelous Miniatures Club w/Eric
Eric has decided to share his love for painting and constructing miniature models in his Marvelous Miniatures club. Kids will be supplied with intricately designed miniature models to paint; they are also more than welcome to bring in their own models. This club is great for anyone wanting a quiet space to concentrate, relax, and create a custom figurine they can be proud of.

Thursdays: Supersize Stamp Club w/Desiree
A club favorite and another shared passion, Desiree will teach kids the basics of stamping and experimenting with several different print-making techniques. They will be working with linoleum, cardboard, and unusual materials like vegetables to make beautifully distinct (and repeatable) patterns and works of art.

MAP Kids Present The Polar Express for K-1 MAP site.
A big thank you to Lily, Vivian, Lauren, Elena, Reese, Miles, Joey, Malachy, Vivian W., Connor, Joseph, Jackson, Jordan, Becca, and Charlotte. You were all part of an awesome production and you had fun doing it. Thanks for BELIEViNG!
Photo Gallery:
Congratulations to Jack Resch for winning the 2019-2020 Geo Bee at Dale School!!! His passion for geography and drawing has served him well.
Kurt Jackson
4-6 Gr. Program Director

Annette Gallagher, M. Ed.
Executive Director

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