MAP @ the Pfaff October 2018 Newsletter
What's Been Happening?

First of all, thanks to all those families who donated their time at the MAP booth during Medfield Day. It was a beautiful day and we are always excited to see our past and present MAPsters who stop in to receive one of our traditional MAP buttons and say "hello". Kudos to all the MAP sites for presenting their kid's photos in such a creative way.
The month of September has truly been a blast! We came into the new MAP year excited to welcome both new and familiar faces! We also welcomed three new, amazing MAP teachers, Eric Adams, Maddie Hollis, and most recently, Desiree Ladd, who the kids have already seemed to value and enjoy spending time with at MAP. During the first MAP week, our newcomers adjusted well to our daily routines and those who attended MAP last year had no issue in showing them the ropes! Through donation, we received a Rokenbok construction system and a miniature pool table which were both incredibly popular this month.
During our special sign-up day, the kids enjoyed spending time uptown while on a photo scavenger hunt. We also had lunch at the Medfield House of Pizza and graciously got gum from Bubble Gum Bob. We then journeyed over to Vinelake Cemetary and had an amazing time fishing and playing Manhunt.
September was a month jam-packed with awesome projects and activities. To list a few, we created mini chalkboards with Leah, made a delicious popcorn/candy mix with Maddie and watched " Hoodwinked" during our early-release, “Popcorn/Movie Day”. We created adventurous Dungeons and Dragons stories with Tom, built a majestic styrofoam structure with Eric that was inspired by the outdoor phenomenon “Teepee Town and we ended the month with stepping into fall by decorating wreaths and candleholders with Katelyn. We are incredibly excited for all that is to come next month, we have no doubt that it’ll be MAPtastic!

1st Round of Clubs have begun!

Clubs :
Mondays: Video Game Club with Maddie . In Video Game club, the kids will get to be playing various board games and creating awesome crafts centered around popular video games Minecraft, Mario Kart, and Fortnite.
Tuesdays: Breakfast Club with Leah .
In Breakfast club, the kids will be working on their skills in the kitchen making mouth-watering breakfast foods like muffins and smoothies!
Wednesdays: Nailed It Club with Katelyn . In this club, Katelyn will design a tricky DIY or food creation in which the kids have to recreate in teams.
Thursdays: Modeling club with Eric .
In Modeling club, Kids will be able to work on long-term modeling projects that require patience and dedication!
Fridays: Haunted Forest Club with Kurt . Kids will have the opportunity to create a spooky experience for kids at the K-1 site who dare to step foot inside. 
Friday, Oct. 5th Early Release Day
This coming Friday is a school early- release day. The theme for the day is " Octoberfest ". Please let us know if your child will not attend or if they will be heading uptown before coming back to MAP.
Dates to Remember:
Monday 10/8-  
No school and No MAP ~ Columbus Day

Friday 11/9-  Early Release Day
Theme: MAP Ninja Warrior Day .
Friday  11/12- 
No School and No MAP ~ Veterans Day

Wednesday 11/21 - Early Release Day
Theme: Home Sweet Home

Thurs-Fri. 11/22 &11/23-  No School and No MAP~ Closed for Thanksgiving
Next Round of Clubs
The next round of clubs will start at the end of October. Stay Tuned!!!
New Staff @ the MAPfaff
Eric Adams lives in Norton and loves playing with his nephews
Maddie Hollis lives in Norwood and is a very talented artist.
Desiree Ladd just moved to Medfield and has kids in the Medfield schools and loves science.
They have all proven to have a passion for teaching and learning from kids and have so much to offer in our quest for an enriching and supportive environment.
Social Contracting
  Once again t his year, we are working towards creating a social contract  in which the kids have agreed to a list of expected behaviors established by the kids, that will help to guide us and create a positive and supportive program. The idea is that they will be more invested and accountable for the outcomes that occur during the course of the year. This is a process that can take some time to develop, but will be worth the effort. Please take the time to review the contract with your child and discuss the benefits they hold in all walks of life. Social Contract

Homework @ MAP
As usual, our homework room is full each day. Many of the kids realize the advantages of getting it done asap. The homework room is available M-Th 3:45-5:15. We have six chromebooks for the kids to use and a 20 minute time limit. Please let us know how we can help make your child's homework experience a productive one. We have a homework contract available for families who find it to be helpful to their kid(s).
Contact Us:
Please be sure to call if your child is not going to be attending MAP or is coming to us late. Although the school is trying out a new attendance/dismissal system, families are still expected to notify us directly.

Kurt Jackson Program Director  
 (508) 359-2168
Gaye Shannon  Executive Director  (508) 359-0003

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