November 12, 2021


Dear MAP Families,


We wanted to provide you with an update to the school's Test & Stay Program:


Children who are close contacts at school, who are participating in the

Test & Stay Program, and test negative, may now attend MAP.

This was confirmed with the Medfield Public School Nurse Leader.


IMPORTANT: Families must notify MAP if their child is a close contact, participating in Test & Stay and will be attending MAP. Families must continue to let MAP know about any exposures or positive cases of COVID-19.


Thank you for your help as we continue to navigate keeping our MAP community safe.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Annette M.J. Gallagher, Executive Director 


Jump Start, Kindergarten & First Grade

Meghan Jackson, Program Director


Second & Third Grade

Alex Sakash, Program Director


MAP @ the Pfaff, Fourth - Sixth Grade

Kurt Jackson, Program Director




Available through Visit Healthcare, in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Early Education & Care (MAP’s licensing agency) at locations across the state (closest location is Franklin, MA).

Testing is available for children enrolled at MAP, members of their household, and teachers if they have COVID-19 Symptoms, have had a close contact or possible exposure to someone with COVID-19.  (Results within 24-48 hours)

You must provide MAP’s Provider/license number at the time of the test:

  • Jump Start Kindergarten & First Grade Program: P-177614 – 3910586
  • Second & Third Grade Program: P-171499 – 390572
  • MAP@ the Pfaff Fourth – Sixth Grade Program: P-171695 – 391039

CLICK HERE for the web site:

Medfield Afterschool Program P.O. Box 18 Medfield, MA 02052