M A P @ the Pfaff April 2019 Newsletter
  • Dates To Remember:
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  • Friday 4/4 – Non-School Day/ Special Sign Up Day. MAP will be open 8:00 am-6:00 pm. For families who previously signed up.Our theme is "April Showers Bring Super Powers". We will be testing for everyone's unique super powers and chill out to the "Spider-verse" movie.

  • Monday 4/15 – No School – MAP Closed

  •  APRIL VACATION: MAP will be open 8:00 am-6:00 pm on Tuesday 4/16, Wednesday 4/17, Thursday 4/18, and Friday 4/19. A detailed itinerary & permission slips are in your family MAP mailbox next week. If you do not receive it, please reach out to Kurt ASAP kurt14.map@gmail.com   THANK YOU!
  • Friday 5/10 Early Release Day (Theme:" Decades")

Month of March:
Time sure does fly when you’re having fun at MAP! Katelyn kicked off this month with her project week, “Beleaf in Yourself” where kids had the opportunity to create leaf keychains, cactus plants made from rocks and string art. During Maddie’s project week, “Awesome Blossom”, kids got to make beautiful flower crowns, flower wreaths, and floral fuze bead pins. On our first half-day of the month, our theme was “Mystery Day”. We went on a mission to find hidden Yeti’s with Eric, write hidden messages with lemon and blacklight with Maddie, and figure out what gooey substance was in the “Mystery Box” with Leah and Desiree.
The next week, Desiree's theme was
'Rainbow Colors". The kids had a great time mixing and marbling. During our second half-day, “Spring to Life”, the kids had the opportunity to create bobble heads with Kurt, create their own March Madness brackets with Eric, and design a new floral banner for the homework room bulletin board with Katelyn. Our third March half-day, was deemed“Fantastic Beasts” some parents may remember this day as the day their children “morphed” into different creatures upon their arrival. This day we also made fairy houses for themselves and Sean’s Garden. They were able to participate in a mini Magic the Gathering Tournament which the kids have been loving as of lately!
Our last project week of the month was “ParaKurt” week, where the kids were able to learn how to make various paracord bracelets with Kurt. We would like to thank all the kids for their participation and enthusiam throughout this month.
New MAP Teacher!!!
We welcomed a new amazing MAP teacher, Nicole Kniffen, whom the kids have already seemed to value and enjoy spending time with. She grew up in Medfield and moved to New Orleans, but came back to be with her family. Please reach out and help her feel welcome.
Kid's Night OUT
K id’s Night Out was a hit! We had Pfaff record-breaking numbers and loads of fun walking uptown. We ate dinner at Medfield’s House of Pizza, then headed to Park Street Books. Jim James stayed open especially for the MAPsters. We also enjoyed delicious desserts and played an awesome game of Manhunt outside! Thanks to all the families who partticipated in our program wide fundraiser.

We Need Your Help!!!
For the past couple of years at MAP @ the Pfaff, we have made it our goal to work together and fill the Food Cupboard Box located outside our homework room. We have noticed how full it remains through the holidays, but needs our help come the Spring. We have challenged the kids to help us fill it before the end of April. If we can fill it before April 30 , the kids will be rewarded with something to be determined at a later date. We will start a collection box inside of MAP so that we can keep track of our donations. Thanks in advance for your help and for all of your support in our fundraising efforts throughout the year. It is such a rewarding experience for our kids.

We will begin our trips uptown as a reward for earned tickets throughout this year. We will let you know which day your child has chosen in advance so they can bring money if they want to make a purchase. This a great opportunity to use or incorporate allowances.
We are also asking our kids to volunteer to read to the preschoolers over at Beginning Years . We will let you know if and when your child participates in this wonderful experience.
New Round of Clubs:
Mondays : Tai Chi Club with  Eric  → Tai Chi is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits. The kids have been learning more about the basics of Tai Chi and becoming intuned with their mind and bodies.
Tuesday : Food Science with  Leah  → Kids made elephant toothpaste which is a foamy substance caused by the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. The kids also experimented with eggs by putting them into vinegar and corn oil and the result was awesome!
Wednesday : Paint Night Club with  Katelyn  → Kids have been painting on canvas and experimenting with different art techniques while enjoying snacks in the process. So far, kids have used painters tape to create negative space in their paintings and painted a shark poking its head out from the water.
Thursday : Magic the Gathering Club with  Maddie  → The kids are learning about the basics of Magic the Gathering and have put together their own playing cards. They are also learning about the use of spells in the game, how to trade and collect effective cards.
Funtastic Friday : Smoothie Friday → We are keeping up with our Fantastic Fridays and are now in our 4th session. This time around we are doing Smoothie Friday where kids have the opportunity to try out different blends of fruits and beverages. So far, we’ve made a banana strawberry smoothie and a blueberry mango smoothie. 


Kurt Jackson
MAP @ the Pfaff Program Director   

Gaye Shannon
Executive Director

Annette Gallagher
Assistant Exe. Director

MAP provides high quality afterschool enrichment programs and is supported by tuition & tax-deductible contributions from families, their employers, other organizations. Proudly serving Medfield families for almost 30 years!  We are a nonprofit organization.  
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