Seeking Two Consumer Board of Directors Members
MAPS is searching for two consumer members to join the MAPS board. C andidates will have experience as a patient or a family member in the healthcare system. Ideally, they may have experienced an adverse event and/or have had significant or frequent interactions within healthcare systems (e.g., has a complex medical condition) and can apply those experiences constructively and globally. If you would like more information about this opportunity or know of a potential candidate given your knowledge of MAPS, please promptly contact Catherine Hinz , MAPS Executive Director.

Seeking a Patient Story for Conference in May
We are seeking an individual who may have experienced an adverse outcome as a result of antibiotic use. The patient or family member will be willing to share their story to health professionals at a metro-area conference in May (or be videotaped doing so if not local). The conference focus is on antimicrobial stewardship. Please promptly contact Betsy Currie , MAPS Project Manager.

Contribution Campaign Update
MAPS, as a nonprofit, is able to advance safety due to the generous contributions of our healthcare community. We sent requests at the turn of the year to raise funds for 2019 and have had many members of our community answer the call to contribute. Here is our current list of members for 2019 and we are grateful for their contributions. They make our work possible. We will be reaching out again to those we’ve yet to hear from. Thank you for making Minnesota a distinctly collaborative state for safety improvement.