Assalamu Alaykum / Peace be upon you all
Dear community,
Today we found out that the MAPS main sign in front of our masjid has been vandalized. Somebody smashed the granite block in a clear act of hate. We have filed a police report  regarding this and another incident this past week-end. I have personally reached out to the Chief of Police, the Mayor, Enforcement Agencies and the Governor's office. We will work with everyone to ensure that our community, our institution and our facility rem a in s afe. Safety and security of our community is our top priority.
We are activating a number of security measures immediately. We will have armed guards round the clock in and around the building. We are increasing our own security staff. We have the whole place monitored by cameras. We will only open the front door until further notice.
It is easy to fall prey to fear when such incidents happen. However, I urge all of you to remain calm and keep the message I sent out last week in mind read more... 
1. Trust in Allah The Protector
2. Trust in the goodness of man
3. Return hate with kindness
We are not making any change to any of our programs. MAPS-MCRC is hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for the residents of Tent City 4 this Wednesday. This and all of our other events will go on as planned.
We will not let the hate of one overshadow the love of many. We will remain hopeful yet vigilant. We will not let hate intimidate us.
Jazak-um-ullah-khairan / Thank you

Mahmood Khadeer
MAPS President