June 3, 2019

We’re gearing up for our 31st year which will soon begin. Following is important information for participants old and new, regarding some policy changes and new procedures. Please read through and if you have any questions, be in touch with me.

Everyone, including past participants, must bring a new Informed Consent . When you check in on Arrival Day (the day before the Symposium starts) be sure to give us your new, notarized, Informed Consent papers. There are no notaries in Marble so have this done before you come. You’ll find the consent attached to this email, along with the safety information, or download them from our website at MarbleInst.org/documents . Please read the safety information. You need to be aware of the risks in using power tools.

Payments were due June 1st. If you haven’t paid your balance please do so right away. Refunds after June 1st are only given if your spot can be filled.

ARRIVAL/New check-in procedure
Plan to arrive in Marble one day prior to the opening day of your session. On arrival day, you will check in, give us your signed and notarized Informed Consent, get your name tag and t-shirt, select your carving site and stone. If you are camping, staff will help you find a campsite. This will save time after the opening meeting/group photo to get right in to the Safety Workshop and start carving!
Troy Houlden is our cook for sessions 1 and 3. Bill Record and Mike Howey are cooking session 2. We serve healthy food and the atmosphere at the kitchen is the best way to have the complete ‘symposium’ experience! You can still register for the extended plan by clicking here .
If you would like to participate in the slideshow which is always a fun event, please send up to 5 images of your work and one photo of yourself (perhaps in your studio?) to  images@marblemarble.org . Images must be received by June 25th.
We provide space for tent camping only . RV's and trailers must use nearby  Marble Campground  (formerly Meri Daes) or down the road,  Bogan Flats . There is no electricity or water at our campsites, and as always, no campfires or cookstoves allowed. Please reserve a site at a campground if you want to cook or have fires (provided there is no fire ban in effect).  Tip: T o get a 10% discount at Marble Campground use the code "Amber" on their website.

Reminder—we don’t sell silicon carbide blades. You will have to purchase blades from Myles at his Symposium shop. For planning purposes you may check the variety and prices on his web page . His symposium prices may be different. First timers should consider using 5" blades rather than 9" blades.

Our remote location puts us out of cell range. No talk, text or data on any carrier that we are aware of. Cell signal is about a 30 minute drive. We provide limited internet service daily from 6am - 8am. There is not enough bandwidth to support Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp calling or FaceBook/Instagram posting. Internet service is available at the local cafe, the "Marble Hub", during business hours.
We have a courtesy land-line for carvers which you can be reached on in case of emergency. The number is 970-963-5726. We will collect your emergency contact information at check-in.
Pro tip: Unplug and enjoy being in the mountains!

Stone: The Quarry delivers rough chunks, not in block form, and our staff breaks those chunks into blocks up to 3 cubic feet, which is included with your tuition. We encourage you to select from these stones which have already been cut. First-timers should select smaller stones.

We really must discourage you from doing large sculpture at Mm. IF you request a larger stone, and IF we can find something that works for you, there are additional charges you will be responsible for including $100/cf for anything over 3 cubic feet, and for stones over 3 cubic feet there will be an additional $100 fee for moving and turning your stone. C ustom cuts will be an additional charge: Chainsaw $100 base charge. $20 per lineal foot of cutting thereafter. 9" Grinder cuts have a base charge of $30. Drilling/pinning will also be an additional charge.

"It is soon time to make my stone/tool sojourn to Denver and Marble. I will have my trailer loaded with alabaster, marble, onyx, calcite, steatite and travertine. But what to pack? If there is anything you would like to see I might be able to bring it along. As in the past, this is a way to get quality carving stone without shipping charges.I will be in Denver on Friday, June 28th at 9AM until 3pm at a location to be determined close to I-70. I will be set up at Marble/marble by July 1st and be there mostly until August 5th. I would welcome the visit. If you do have requests I would appreciate them very soon so we could get it on board. Myles, 2sculpt. 785-838-3885 (I have my cell when traveling: 785-424-3824 )"

Steve Barnes will be with us for several days each session and he carries some items that Myles doesn’t, so acquaint yourself with his inventory including the German pistol grip ergonomic hammer/chisels, and many other tools. He confirmed with Rocket Supply in Denver that they’ll consign a bunch of cool tools to him again.

For everyone's safety, remember
I’ll be in Marble full-time very soon. E-mailing me at  madeline@madelinewiener.com  is the best way to communicate.
Can’t wait to see you!
Safe travels,