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40th Anniversary
August 16
only 30 spaces left!

 "He Gives Me a
Good Life" 

Women Moving Forward® in GENEVA in 2019

Grad Lunch Geneva 
Monday Oct. 14


2019 Workshops

Women Moving Forward®
March 13-15
Westlake Village, CA
$4750 1 space left

Enabling Purpose
April 2-4
Westlake Village, CA

Women's Leadership
April 30-May 2
Ojai, CA

Managing Corporate
May 21-23
Westlake Village, CA

Smart People
June 18-20
Westlake Village, CA

Leading Projects
July 15-19
Westlake Village, CA

Advanced Women
Moving Forward®
July 25-26
Westlake Village, CA
$3250 5 spaces left

40th Anniversary  
Westlake Village, CA
only 30 spaces left!

Women Moving
Sept. 18-20
Westlake Village, CA
$4750 6 spaces left

Enabling Purpose
Sept. 24-26
Westlake Village, CA

Advanced Men's Course
Oct. 15-17
Ojai, CA

Women's Leadership
New Edition
November 12-14
Westlake Village, CA
3 spaces left

Advanced Women
Moving Forward®
December 5-6
Westlake Village, CA
$3250  NEW 
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Special Women Moving Forward®
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Observing WMF®

All graduates are able to observe any WMF® public workshop

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2019 Women's Leadership Retreat®   
April 30- May 2, 2019    
Ojai, California  
April 29 Make-up day  

Advanced Men's
Oct. 23-25
Ojai, CA. 
For those of you who want to bring this very special workshop to the men in your company contact us to schedule one.

This is the Men's version of WMF®

Men all over the world have taken this workshop and have been surprised by the results.

The cost:

$40,000 for up to 14 men

We strongly recommend
this workshop be done in locations and
companies where WMF® has been held.

If you only continue to train women but do not also re-train men you just make women more frustrated.



40th Anniversary Summit

AUGUST 16, 2019
The Four Seasons Hotel
Westlake Village, CA.

We are excited to be celebrating our 40th Anniversary in Business By Inviting 
40 of you to celebrate with us at: 

Susan and John discuss the state of women and men in in the age of #meto o
Life After Corporate Panel:
(All star panel that has successfully transitioned to post corporate careers)
Roberta Teran 
Crossroads Reach Out Director-Human Sex Trafficking Prevention India & Cincinnati, Ohio 
Hilary Beard
Award winning writer, public speaker, trainer and
Personal Development Coach
Christal Fisher    
Ordained Minister Christian Church in the Southwest 
Mike Colucci
Board President Saginaw Township Community Schools and STEM Advocate and Volunteer

Featured Speaker

Linda Kreger Silverman Ph.D
International Expert of Giftedness 

The Four Seasons Hotel and Spa 
Westlake Village, CA. 91361
 Cost: $2500 PP 
Early Registration Discount: Only $1,500 register by Friday March 1, 2019 
Group Discount: $2000 (3 or more on one credit card): 
ONLY 30/40 spaces left 
Contest #1

contest #7.1

Susan leading the first Women Moving Forward®

Women's Leadership Retreat® New Edition!!!

November 6-8, 2019 
Four Seasons Hotel & Spa
Westlake Village, CA. $4950
Thank you for the great response!   

Only 4 spaces left!   
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Grand Hotel Kempinski, Geneva

     OCTOBER 16-18, 2019     $6750 US

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If you have 10 women "ready to register" for a particular date we will schedule a Women Moving Forward® or
Advanced Women Moving Forward® in your area.

In the US the cost per woman for Women Moving Forward® is $4750. Outside of the US contact us for pp cost. 

Cost for Advanced in the US is $3250 pp contact us for cost outside of US

Contact Susan ASAP to schedule if you plan one of these in 2019! Our schedule is getting pretty full for the first 6 months
of 2019. 
"He Gives Me A Good Life"

John and I were traveling back from
New Jersey a few months ago.

We entered the cabin on our plane and
arranged everything for the long flight
from Newark to LA.

A family came on. A mother with two small
children (both under 3, one was an infant)

The Wife found her seats and the husband
left and went back to his seat 5 rows behind
(same cabin).

She was left to deal with 2 little ones alone.

I asked if she needed any help and she said
she'd let me know. I suggested maybe someone would change seats with her
husband so he could be closer to his family.

She said, as she struggled to handle settling in two babies,  no that was planned.
After all "He gives us a good life"

This sentiment took me by surprise as I
hadn't heard it spoken aloud for 50 years!
That's what women in the 50's said about
their husbands as they juggled home,
relationship and children alone. It was
The Mad Men culture in those days.

In the 60's I fought for the right of women
everywhere to choose how they wanted
their own life to be. If they wanted to work
inside their homes they could (but with
dignity and free of abuse) or they could
choose to work outside their home.

The crux of this was the word "Choice".

Freedom for women from the discrimination against them in the 40's, 50's & 60's  rested with their ability to
"choose" for themselves  how they would live.

There were so many reactions I had to her

1. I was worried she was "putting all her
    eggs in one basket" Her comment spoke  
    to her husband having the power to 
    decide for her and the children because
    he brought in the money. Where would
    she be if he failed or left her. I've seen
    this happen more then I care to count.
2. What pressure does this total 
     responsibility for providing for one's
     family put on men? We know they, in 
     fact,died earlier then women did. Did  
     this total dependency on a husband by
     the wife add to men's earlier mortality?

3. Was she seen by her husband as
     someone who was actually doing a job
    like his, only inside their home. Or did
    her husband and community see her
    only as the little woman? Does she get the
    same respect as I do, for example?

I have to say it is still ruminating in my head. I still worry about what kind of
relationship they have and what that
does to her and the children.

I guess I will need to let go and let her
find out by herself. I just hope he continues
to give her a good life!

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 2018 WLR®  4 of our 13 attendees 

April 30-May 2, 2019  Women's Leadership Retreat®      
November 6-8, 2019 Women's Leadership Retreat®
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