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VOLUME 45 . ISSUE 3 . MARCH 2020
One historic event changed everything. It changed the course of human history. And it can change your life. More than 2,000 years ago Jesus miraculously rose from the dead. Two centuries later, that one event is still radically changing lives: bringing healing to the broken, peace to the restless, hope to the hopeless. Because of what happened in ancient Jerusalem, you can experience hope, peace, and joy in the face of life’s hardest struggles. Find out how Jesus can change everything for you.

Join us for worship every Sunday at 9 am or 10:45 am
Full programming is available for kids from birth - 5th grade

Are you new to Plum Creek? Would you like to make this big place a little smaller? We encourage you to join us for Discover! A free lunch & child care is provided.
SUPERSTART! is a high-energy weekend event in which 4th & 5th graders can learn and grow in their relationships with friends, leaders and most importantly, God. And this year's SuperStart! tour is about finding hope through God's promises in those moments where it feels like the cards are stacked against us.
Preteens will learn that when they trust God and hold tightly to His promises, they’ll discover the hope that can carry them through any circumstance and into the abundant life of a Kingdom worker. Knowing that changes everything. It’s a Game Changer.
March 6th-7th

Marriott River Center, Covington

COST: $85 Price includes everything!
The way Jesus taught us to live is UPSIDE DOWN from the way the world works. But this kind of UPSIDE DOWN living is exactly the kind of living that brings about real life-change and transformation. This year, to kick off our very first Family FX, we are turning everything UPSIDE DOWN and taking FX to our community.

On Friday, April 3rd @ 5:30 pm , we invite elementary families to meet us at the church where we will have a quick dinner together. Then you will be able to get trained and help prepare to go and take our FX to our community. We'll then head out and go to a few spots in our community and provide an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids in that neighborhood.

This is an opportunity for you and your kids to serve the community and share the love of Christ through a free Easter Egg Hunt for our neighbors. We will then invite our community to join us on Easter Sunday as we celebrate the best news ever! You can get more information and let us know you are coming by visiting
The celebration of Easter and the resurrection of Jesus is perhaps one of the greatest Sundays of the year. We love Easter and love to celebrate the powerful story of Jesus rising from the dead. And this year, coming out of a fun Christmas celebration, we wanted to invite kids back to join the worship team on stage on the week of March 29th as we begin to look toward Passion Week and celebrate the Easter story.

On March 29th, your kid will have the chance to perform on stage as a part of the worship service by singing a song. Please be sure to watch for emails and communication at child check-out to see how your kid can get involved.
Looking for a resource for when your child asks about becoming a Christian? Or do you want to be more intentional and win at home? Faith Conversations is the resource for you!

Faith Conversations is great for anyone looking to begin a conversation with their child about following and accepting Christ in faith, confession, repentance and baptism. However, it is also a great resource for all families looking to bring faith into the everyday conversation at home. This resource is free. The package comes with video teaching from Kids Minister, Dylan Bjorklund, as well as other resources, tools and book recommendations. This resource can be accessed either through the USB DRIVE SET or as a DOWNLOADABLE resource.
BabyD is a Family Dedication Event that happens every two years here at Plum Creek. The event is primarily for families with newborn babies through kids two-years-old whom they are
wishing to dedicate. However, we are open to conversations with families who have adopted or foster children.

BabyD is a dedication event more for parents than the child. As you will learn in the BabyD Banquet and through the process, this event is really about you, as the parent, being dedicated to raise your child to know and fear the Lord.

BabyD is a three step event:
  1. Homework - After registering, you will receive information on some pre-work that needs to be completed before the Dedication event.
  2. BabyD Banquet (April 22nd) - A banquet for your whole family to come and hear the importance of dedication and how we as a church partner with you. Bring the kids (childcare is provided).
  3. BabyD Sunday (April 26th) - The Sunday we celebrate your family and also make commitments to being dedicated to raising your child in the Lord.

For all Middle School & High School students
Everyone loves a good story! And as you know, there's no better storyteller than Jesus. In this series, you'll share some of His most memorable words and parables with your students to help them learn more about who Jesus is, what God thinks about them, and how He wants us to live our lives going forward.
Join us on Sunday nights!

You don't have to be fixed to be found


MAR 15
At Jesus' party there is always room for more

MAR 22
When it comes to prayer, don't quit because it's quiet

MAR 29
Forgive like you've been forgiven
Our high school summer trip registration is upon us! Join us for the highlight of the year at Christ in Youth MOVE June 22-27 . We will be heading up to Holland Michigan and spending the week looking at The Third Person. This Summer at MOVE will explore the Third Person of the Trinity – who he is, how he works, and the many ways high school
students can lean in and stay connected to him every moment of their lives. You don't want to miss this event as we prepare for how God is going to help us continue our story of kingdom workers.
COST: $275 which includes meals, registration, travel and housing
The school year is coming to a close and our high school seniors are preparing for graduation. As you are getting ready, would you please add MAY 17th to your schedule for our Plum Creek Graduate Recognition? We will be having a short recognition during both services and then a lunch for the graduates and their immediate family after church.

There will be a short mandatory
@ 10:30 AM
in Room 101 to prepare for graduation.
This summer our Student Ministry is going on a trip to the Dominican Republic to help work with the local missionary Plum Creek has been supporting for years. In order to afford this trip, some of our students are in need of projects that they can help with around peoples homes. It might be you need help moving things, or maybe cleaning out an attic or raking leaves that didn't get done in the fall. All that we ask is if you have a project you'd like someone to do, call Tony in the office or email him at tony@plumcreek.org. We'll schedule a time to get students to come out and help, and then get a donation for helping. Thanks for helping support our students and their trip to the Dominican Republic this summer!
BIG CHANGES ARE COMING TO THE SHARING CENTER!  If you've been a volunteer for us in any capacity over the last year, we would like to invite you to an Appreciation Dinner on Wednesday, March 25th @ 6:30 pm in the Plum Creek South Fellowship Hall. We’ll be giving an update on the changes coming over the next few months. If you plan to attend, please go to www.plumcreek.org/share by March 20th.
1st Wed each month @ 11:30 am
March 4th @ 11:30 am

Please let Sherry Gray know if you will be attending so a seating estimate can be given to the restaurant.
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