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CIRCLE NARCH newsletter!

In this issue, we feature updates about our xaʔtu̓s (First Face) for the Mental Health training program. xaʔtu̓s training is a product of the Center for Indigenous Research Collaboration Learning (CIRCLE), with funding from the National Institutes of Health Native American Research Centers for Health (NARCH).


xaʔtu̓s (First Face) for Mental Health training prepares peers, teachers, coaches, and other community members to be the “First Face” supporting someone experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis. Anyone can serve as a Face Face – including you! 


xaʔtu̓s (pronounced hah-toos) training will be coming to the Colville Confederated Tribes, Spokane Tribe of Indians, Kalispel Tribe, Coeur d’Alene Tribe, Nez Perce Tribe, Kootenai Tribe, and the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla starting in the summer of 2023. To sign up for updates about xaʔtu̓s training in your area click on the link below.

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We are hiring!

NARCH Research & Training Manager: As a key member of the NARCH grant staff and as part of a four-year federally-funded grant, the Research & Training Manager will have a variety of responsibilities, including but not limited to assisting the Principal Investigators and other project staff in carrying out the project goals. This individual will engage in activities designed to prepare the research team to carry out research tasks, as well as provide research support including, but not limited to, participant recruitment, outreach and retention, data collection, training activities, administering informed consent for research participation, data entry, data security, preliminary analyses, and dissemination activities, such as preparation of monthly e-newsletters, research snapshots, presentations, and papers.

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Meet the Team

Donell Barlow

Research Assistant


Donell Barlow is an enrolled member of the Ottawa Tribe/Otter clan and Yurok on her maternal side. In December 2022, she joined the CIRCLE-NARCH team as a Research Assistant (RA) at The Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations. As an RA, she collaborates with the team to create a curriculum and will be traveling to the seven Tribes affiliated with the Healing Lodge to help conduct the First Face training and evaluate their impact. For the past decade, she has served her Native American community as a Holistic Health Coach by educating how to incorporate traditional foods using food as medicine. She also served as a Native American cultural educator for Spokane Public Schools, offering presentations and readings from her four authored/illustrated books. Donell is passionate about being a resource for her community and actively participating in prevention work to support future generations.

Hannah Tomeo

Research Assistant


We are happy to welcome the newest member of our CIRCLE-NARCH team, Hannah Tomeo. Hannah will take on the Research Assistant role at The Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations. Hannah was born on the Colville reservation; she is Samoan, Colville, Yakima, and Niimiipuu. After graduating from Portland State University with her communications degree, Hannah worked as an executive coordinator at a business consulting firm, assisting in organizing conferences, training clients, creating surveys, and collecting data. As a previous collegiate athlete, she uses her love of running as a medium to open up discussion around mental health and suicide in her community by coaching and organizing a running camp for Indigenous youth. In her free time, Hannah enjoys volunteering as a youth leader at her church, powwowing, and spending time outdoors.

Prevention Corner

March is Self-Injury Awareness Month. As the conversation around mental health grows, we hope to shine a light on some preventative measures that can support you and your community in managing mental health.


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  •   Inclusive Therapy: Conventional therapy wasn't designed for Native American individuals and communities. Inclusive therapy dismantles harmful mental health practices and creates accessible resources for individuals seeking mental health therapists who utilize culturally affirming practices. Check out their approach to de-stigmatizing mental. Read More

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