March  2015

Spring is a time for renewal and growth.   
At Centre Ice Fitness our goal is to ensure you have a great chance to succeed with your workouts. If you are not as involved as you could be let us know so we can get you plugged in and jump started. It's not a secret the more fit you are the better you feel the more productive and happier you become. Its about getting the most out of life. The above 50 Reasons outline the advantages of taking care of your self. 
In This Issue
If Spring is almost here...... Then Summer is just around the Corner!

Lets get the most out of spring workouts so we can feel energized and fit enabling us to enjoy this season and all that a Northern Michigan summer will have to offer!

Ready For H.I.I.T  ?
High Intensity Interval Training
March Fridays 5:30pm

This high intensity interval training combines both  CARDIO and PLYOMETRICS. High Intensity Training unleashes your fast twitch fibers...opens the door to more muscle and more results....to change your body change your training. The class utilizes both Fast twitch and Slow twitch muscle fibers. Changing the shape of your muscles.  Getting the most out of your work out to keep your metabolism racing long after class ends! Slow twitch helps with distance and miles fast twitch helps with strength and power. Uses power agility training to transform muscle fiber and produce a lean, athletic shape.
Morning Sculpt & Tone 
Pressured by demand we added a Friday Class!

This popular class is now on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:00am
Sculpt and Tone muscles with hand weights, bands,and stretch cords and stability balls. It forces you to balance and stabilize while gaining strength. All levels welcome. Coffee is also served Monday Wednesday and Friday mornings!

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March Workshops



Tuesday March 10th 6:30 pm

Core / Fit-Ball
Saturday March 21st 1:15 pm

Monday March 23rd 6:30 pm

ACL Injury Prevention Program
New this spring for School and Club Sports teams.    TEAM TRAINING



Training program that focuses on proper technique and knee alignment strength power and stability. Classes 4 or 6 weeks  2 or 3 x a week 12 total sessions. Pre and Post testing included instructed by a Certified Athletic Trainer and focuses on building a better athlete by increasing and improving the following: Balance-Agility-Speed-Explosiveness-Strength. Know a team that could use this program let us know.


EARN UP TO 1 YEAR DUES FREE!  Corporate Incentives and Discounts

Corporate Wellness & Fitness

Controlling escalating health care costs, increasing employee productivity, two of corporate America's primary challenges in the coming decade. The more fit you are, the better you feel, the harder you work. That's true for the individual and it's true for companies, as the physical fitness of every employee affects the fiscal fitness of every corporation.


Corporate Fitness Page 


Add a family member or loved one to your membership for:
No Enrollment and $19 per month 
Plus you receive
$25 in 
class credits!
Offer Expires 4/15/2015  Available for a limited time
Let me know how we can help you continue to make progress. For updated information throughout the month visit the clubs website blog posts and our Facebook page.

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Tom Duggan
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