March 2023

Our Mission Statement

As a welcoming congregation, we work and worship together to become people of open minds, loving hearts, and helping hands. We honor the transformative power of love in our individual lives and broader communities.

Although spring doesn’t officially arrive until March 21, we are already seeing beautiful buds and blossoms giving us a glimpse of the spring to come. It feels good to be entering a time of renewal. It also feels like a time of renewal for our congregation.  

We are beginning to bloom again with folks coming back to in-person services more and more, while we continue to meet the needs of those who still need to Zoom (for a variety of reasons.) And, we are getting more involved with a variety of community activities once again. Hallelujah! This month is chock full of good things going on. I encourage you to really read this newsletter and get involved. Our Fellowship Circles have become exciting places to get to know one another. If you haven’t been to one yet you are missing out. We are continuing with our Jim Crandall First Wednesday Movie nights, Downtown First Friday Festivals, Rebecca’s Café, lots of good activities in our Mind Body Center, and more. It’s good to be together. Please take the time to read this newsletter and mark your calendars. Invite others to join us. Rejoice! Spring is arriving and we are renewing our spirits at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Statesboro!

Peace, Love and Joy!


For information about our in-person service please see our Covid guidelines below. Or, if you prefer to attend online, the service will be offered at this zoom link:

March 5


Clint Tawes

For years humans have struggled with the question of theodicy: How can a loving God allow suffering in the world? Maybe we are asking the wrong question.

March 12

"And What of Death?"

Rev. Jane Page

Rev. Jane continues her series on "Big Questions" with an exploration of death. What happens after we die? Does it matter? How should we prepare for death? Come explore these and other questions regarding the end of life.

March 19

"Wired for Racism: How Evolution and Faith Move Us to Challenge Racial Idolatry"

James Woodall

James shares some of the information he and his coauthor wrote about in their recently published book. Here is a description of the book. "Why is there so much racism in America, when most of us claim we are not racists? Drawing on evolutionary insights, the latest research on the human brain, and wisdom from religious traditions Mark Ellingsen and James Woodall explore this question with a unique perspective."

March 26

"Are We Free to Choose?"

Rev. Jane Page

Rev. Jane continues her series on "Big Questions" with an exploration of free choice. Are we destined to make some decisions due to physical, spiritual, or evolutionary forces? How much agency do we have?

NOTE: The county Covid risk level is subject to change.

Dory Douglas Moving Party

Our long time members Dory and Joe Douglas are moving! While we are sad to see them go, we'd like to give them a proper farewell by helping them move a couple of bigger items. Can you and/or a friend help? If so, text one of the numbers below to get the address. Thank you!

Dory: 912-314-5803

Joe: 912-314-4082

THIS WEDNESDAY, March 1, 7:00 p.m.

A Message from Jane Page

The first Wednesday of the month comes up quickly when it's on the first of the month! We will continue our movies, especially welcoming the LGBTQ+ community and Allies. This month we will view a movie recommended by Fred Richter called "Summerland" that was released in 2020. Hopefully folks will again bring snacks and drinks to share with others. Try to get there by 7:00 so that we can chat and snack for a short bit before starting the movie.

Jim Crandall loved hosting a movie night for his friends at his and Peter’s home. 

Rev. Jane spent a lot of time with him in the days before he died, and he shared with her that he would like for her

to somehow continue this tradition.

Adrienne Cohen will have a training on Sunday, March 5th at 9:30 A.M. for folks who are willing to become Zoom Hosts. Please RSVP to Adrienne either through text at 912-996-8759 or email if you are interested or have any questions.

Our small group gatherings for fun and fellowship.

If you haven't received an email invitation, please let Dee or Shari know so we can update your email address


1.      Our Fellowship Circle met via zoom on January 31st to get re-introduced to one another and get organized. The members present were Dee, Relinda, Tanya, Leon, Inge, Brenda, Jessica, and Michele. We shared a brief check-in including what we did that day to take care of ourselves and were laughing and enjoying lively conversation right from the start. We decided to focus on food, fun and music. Our first gathering in person will be on February 21st in the home of Jessica and Brenda where we’ll bring food and drinks to share, listen to a playlist inspired by some of Leon’s favorite jazz musicians, and engage in a craft or puzzle activity

2.      The Fellowship Circle, facilitated by Barb Hendry, met on February 4th. Seven individuals participated in a brown bag lunch at the church and two joined via the church zoom room. Attendees included Sandra, Neil, Rebecca, Paul, Cynthia, Jane, Greg, Mike, and Barb. We had a very enjoyable time-sharing conversation, introductions and reflections, and ideas for future meetings.

We decided to meet for another brown bag lunch at the church at 12:30 PM on Saturday, February 25 and to talk about our spiritual beliefs, what attracted us to UU, and a bit about our religious “life histories."

3.      Seven members of our fellowship circle met on Sunday, February 5th at the home of Adrienne Cohen and Michael Williams. This was a potluck with chili served as the main dish along with wonderful additional sides and a bunch of desserts. A lively discussion was held regarding the foods of our childhoods. The full moon called us out and we had another spirited discussion in the backyard by the fire about everything and nothing at all. We are looking forward to next month.

4.      Our Fellowship Circle gathered at UU Wed night Feb 8, with three people in person and three via Zoom. In person, Deb, Mo and Shari shared baked potato & salad bar supper at 6:30. At 7 PM Helga, Tonya & Dave Zoomed in, Dave joining from his home in Turkey where it was 3 AM in the morning! We shared birthplaces, learning we hail from Alaska, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan and Germany. We also traded binge-worthy television tips which included The Durrells in Corfu, New Bedford, Shameful, In the Dark and Outlander.

We plan to gather again at 10:30 Saturday morning, March 4 on the UU playground. We want to bring young friends/family, including grand & great-grandchildren to enjoy the playground, as we visit outdoors around the picnic table. We hope Bill, Peter, Dan & Larie can join us next time, and are happy it will be early evening for Dave in Turkey! Maybe Sherril, Rick & Debbye can come, too. We are hoping for a pretty spring day.

5.      On Sunday, February 6, at 4:00 p.m., the Thompson clan (Abby, John, Amelia, Mason, and Anna, Abby’s sister, and her dog Buddy) met with Martha Hughes and Teresa Winn for our first Fellowship Circle (Karen and Tom Lambie and Janice Cawthorn were not able to join us). Amelia helped us kick it off with a series of cow-themed jokes, and then Mason popped in to say hello (and by the way, if you haven’t seen Mason in many years you are in for a surprise. He grew up during the pandemic! For the rest of our time together, conversation flowed, but we did realize at the end of the hour that we had learned something that we didn’t know before about all these people that we have been acquainted with for many years. It was a real pleasure to be together.

Our next meeting will be a pizza party at the church on Friday, March 10, at 4:00 pm. Martha will bring the pizza and everybody else will contribute a salad, dessert, drinks, or whatever else they want to bring.


This is now available on the UUFS website at the bottom of the THIS MONTH'S SERVICES page.

March is Women’s History Month

March 1st—Women of Color Day

March 8th—International Women’s Day

March 21st—International Day for the Elimination Of Racial Discrimination

March 22nd—World Water Day

March 25th—World Day for the Remembrance of Victims of the Slave Trade

March 31st—International Day of Transgender Visibility


Anniversary of the death of Anne Frank—Date unknown but she died in March or April

Dr. Karen R. Lambie

Social Justice Team Leader

Buddhism 101: Word of the Buddha

Fridays 9:00 to 10:30 am

February 25 – June 2, 2023

MindBody Center at UUFS

This series of eight classes is designed to deepen our inquiry into the Buddha’s teachings on waking up. Through dharma lecture, discussion, and practice, each session elucidates a section of the mala that corresponds with the Daily Recitation at Anattasati Magga (ASM) sangha in Asheville, NC.

Visit the ASM website to download a free copy of the Daily Recitation: 

or to purchase a mala with beads corresponding to the teachings:

Each class begins with reading aloud the Daily Recitation, followed by 25 minutes of silent meditation. After a brief break, the teachings are offered every other Friday, starting Feb. 25, as follows:

Class 1: The Three Treasures

Class 2: The Four Noble Truths 

Class 3: The Three Characteristics of Existence

Class 4: The Heart Sutra (concise)

Class 5: The Eight-Fold Path

Class 6: The Three Pure and the Ten Great Precepts 

Class 7: The Paramitas

Class 8: An Auspicious Day

The course is offered by Laura Milner on a donation basis. She is a lay minister at Anattasati Magga sangha in Asheville, NC, and guide for Statesboro Zen since 2014.

Contact her for details at

MindBody Center Yoga

now has more In-Person Yoga classes.

See Covid precautions below.

Tuesday, 9:30-11:00 am Iyengar Yoga with Inge

Wednesday, 8:00-9:00 am Yoga for the Spine with Lynn Geddes

Wednesday 9:30-10:30 am All Levels Yoga with Fred

Thursday, 9:30-11:00 am Ease into Iyengar Yoga with Inge

For Fred’s and Inge's classes register with this link:

For Lynn’s classes email her at

Covid Precautions: We are still observing some Covid restrictions and limit our classes to 7 participants. To attend you must be vaccinated, be symptom-free, and observe social distancing. Mask wearing is optional.  

Reduced fee for Newcomers to MindBody Center: $30 for 4 classes 

For more information on our yoga classes click this link:

For more information on Fascia Fitness Training click this link:

Inge Spencer

Iyengar Certified Instructor

MindBody Center Yoga

912 596-3322 (call or text)

For more information on our classes and instructors go to

or call or text Inge at 912-596-3322

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