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This year marks MARCO's 10 year anniversary! Since the creation of MARCO in 2009, there has been major progress in ocean planning and partnerships. The collaborative work on ocean science generated by MARCO and fellow regional ocean partnerships has a significant impact on ocean resource management. Reflecting on this milestone, MARCO and staff have been working hard to update the content of the MARCO website  to keep stakeholders and partners abreast of the new and exciting priorities and issues on which MARCO has, and continues to work.            

Portal Updates: Artificial Reefs, Marine Life and More
Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal: Marine Life: Spring Fish

It was an eventful summer for the MARCO-managed Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal w hich saw the addition of several significant map products and tool enhancements. Among them were updates to the Portal's artificial reefs, fish and marine mammal data, and a series of new maps showing average monthly sea surface temperatures, produced in partnership with MARACOOS .
Marine Debris Work Group
Photo courtesy of the Virginia CZM Program
One of the Mid-Atlantic Marine Debris Work Group's current priorities is to develop a Balloon Debris Reduction Campaign that can be implemented throughout the region. With funding support from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Marine Debris Program, the Work Group is utilizing a community based social marketing approach to change attitudes around releasing balloons for celebration, memorial, or any other reason. You can help us by filling out this brief and anonymous attitudinal survey.

Mid-Atlantic Coastal Acidification Network

Through two working groups, MACAN has produced manuscripts for Estuarine, Coastal, and Shelf Science focused on research priorities for ecological impacts  and acidification monitoring .
In May 2019 MACAN convened a one-day workshop of network members, including scientific experts, coastal managers, industry stakeholders, and others to discuss strategies for filling the gaps identified in the papers, including monitoring, research, and stakeholder outreach needs in the Mid-Atlantic region, from south of Long Island, New York down to and including Virginia. The meeting was held at the Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland. Meeting objectives included

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MACO Developing Plans for Work Groups

The Mid-Atlantic Committee on the Ocean (MACO) has begun collaborating with partners among the MARCO states, federal agencies, tribal nations and many other interested stakeholders through a series of specially focused work groups. Efforts are underway to develop work plans for each of these groups, which will soon be available on the  MACO website  for public viewing.  Work groups currently led by MACO  . . . 

MARCO State Spotlight: New York
Jeff Herter, Mikael Cejtin, Katherine Hogle, Mike Snyder, Kisha Santiago-Martinez, Peter Clouse, Leah Feldman Photo courtesy of NY DOS, Ocean and Great Lakes Program
As climate change intensifies and extreme weather becomes commonplace, New York state is demonstrating national and global  leadership. Governor Cuomo has taken decisive action to lead the fight against climate change and protect our environment for generations to come. With the passage of the Community Risk and Resilience Act in 2014 and the landmark Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act in 2019, New York state now has the most ambitious climate policies in the nation, with a target of 100% clean electricity by 2040 set into law. Under the leadership of Kisha Santiago-Martinez, Deputy Secretary of State of New York and Chair of MARCO, the Department of State's Office of Planning, Development and Community Infrastructure (DOS OPDCI) is playing a crucial role in State efforts to address climate change, particularly in the coastal and marine context.

States' News and Events
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New York

New Resources   

- MACAN published two papers that identified research and monitoring needs for ocean acidification in the Mid-Atlantic.


- Mid-Atlantic Joyful Send-off Community-Based Social Marketing Campaign fact sheet



Established in 2009 by the Governors of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, MARCO provides a forum for our coastal Mid-Atlantic states to collaborate on shared regional priorities related to marine habitats, renewable offshore energy, climate change adaptation, and ocean water quality. MARCO initiated and oversees the  Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal to assist the region with ocean planning efforts. For more information about MARCO, visit our website, .  


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