Dyad Labs has relocated its Salt Lake, Utah laboratories from its founding location on Orange Street to a newly remodeled facility located in the Pioneer Square Business Park at 1945 Fremont Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah. The totally renovated space has over 30,000 square feet of laboratory space, with nine separate lab areas to better serve our clients and staff.

As health and active lifestyle companies from around the world seek to provide their customers innovative and effective nutritional products, independent contract laboratories like Dyad Labs exist to provide the testing and label claim verification of those offerings. 

“This new facility allows us to continue to serve our expanding base of nutrition and nutraceutical clients on both the brand and manufacturing sides of the industry,” said Jeff Reynolds, founder of Dyad Labs. “As LC (Liquid Chromatography) and other high-tech testing methods continue to improve; our ability to help companies verify the purity, potency and identity of the ingredients used in their products as well as the finished goods themselves, gets better and better. These new labs represent our investment in our clients’ commitments to full label transparency,” Reynolds continued. 

Dyad will be sharing the campus at 1945 Fremont with a sister company that produces flavors for many of Dyad’s current clients. Sensapure Flavors occupies some of the new space with laboratories dedicated to flavor creation, sensory studies (taste testing), applications development and flavor manufacturing. Having quality assurance testing capabilities on site is a major benefit for the Sensapure team.  

To celebrate the move, Dyad will be holding an Open House on Thursday October 25, from 11:30am to 5:30pm. All are invited. Tony Nguyen, VP of Corporate Relations added, “As of September 20, 2018, the new labs will be up and running more efficiently than ever. We invite our current and future clients to please update our address in your systems and send all test samples to our new location at 1945 Fremont Dr. Salt Lake City UT.”