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MARYLAND.....This is the face of DOG FIGHTING in America and around the world.  Innocent dogs that only want to please the person that is supposed to guard and protect them are being trained to attack and be attacked because that is the only way they get praise.  It is something that does not come naturally to them and is learned behavior, KILL or Be KILLED.  Sweet SMILEY is named this because of the permanent smile she carries with her ever day.  A reminder to everyone of the life she has led and death sentence that is ALWAYS hanging over her head.  She is either going to be killed in a basement fight where she was kept and tormented or the state she lives in will because Pitbulls are banned in certain areas of Maryland.  The people that did this to her were convicted and now it was her life on the line at the County Shelter where a few people thought she deserved a chance.  Her only way out was for someone, anyone to step up for her and say that she mattered.  She could not be released to an individual because she was considered too dangerous.  A qualified rescue was her only hope and it was just too risky for most rescues because once you have her, you then have to deal with all the problems that come with a fighting dog.  Look at the picture.  She loves people, loves affection.  Her life of horror has not changed her loving SPIRIT.  She doesn't like other dogs and for good reason.  She is a Mom they was also used to raise puppies to fight and be used as bait.  She knows how to nurture life and we are going to nurture her back to where she can be part of a loving family that will protect and guard her for the rest of her life.  We have had Smiley for four weeks while we have been doing medical tests and looking for someone that can do reconstructive surgery on her face.  The test have come back and this wonderful dog has BABESIA.  Animals get Babesia from ticks and then they transfer it when they fight which is why so many bait dogs have it.  We have started her treatment for Babesia and will be doing reconstructive surgery to try and give her back some of her mouth that had been shredded (like her tongue) during a vicious attack.  Please, help us rebuild her life.  This is a young dog that is only five years old.  She deserves the same quality of life as all our animals.

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