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As the State of Connecticut is digging out from a blizzard today - and I'm working from home - I thought it would be a good time to update you about changes to the Schulz Consulting Newsletter publishing frequency -  starting 1/1/2011.

In the past I've sent the newsletter to over 2,300 people twice monthly on the first and fifteenth.

For some people that's just too much MAS90 news, updates and tips arriving in an already cluttered email inbox.

Starting in January 2011  I'll offer the following ways for you to stay up to date on MAS 90 and MAS 200 news:
  1. The newsletter will be published on the 15th (or the first business day thereafter. No change here - except I'll stop producing an issue on the 1st like I had been. You do not need to sign up for anything - the change will be automatic.
  2. If you want the latest news that's posted between newsletter issues --- I recommend  you sign up with Google's (free) Feedburner to receive email notifications whenever I post a MAS 90 technical tip or story on our main web site --  http://www.s-consult.com.

    The Schulz Consulting web site will contain the latest news and information - both technical and informational.

    If you take 5 minutes right now and sign up at Feedburner (here's the link) - then whenever I publish a new article on the web site -- you'll receive an email alert.

    You can also choose to add our site to your Google Reader (or other favorite RSS feed reader).

  3. Additionally if you are a Facebook user (and, yes,  I realize not everyone is or wants to read business news in Facebook -  which is why I also have a LinkedIn and Feedburner option) then you can follow all the same stories just by liking our Facebook page here.

    If you are a fan of the Facebook page then you will see stories that I post to the Schulz Consulting page in your Facebook stream.

    NOTE: Becoming a fan does not expose your private information (other than your name) to anyone else.
  4. If you are a LinkedIn user - join the MAS 90 LInkedIn group (well over 950 members) and participate with other users and consultants. Our we site feed is automatically sent to this group as well.

    Sage unofficially participates here as well as many top notch Sage consultants.

With these changes I'm working to reduce email inbox clutter for anyone who is only casually interested in MAS 90 and MAS 200 news.

For those who are more interested in frequent news updates -- I've added optional ways for you to obtain updates via Feedburner (RSS feed), Facebook and LinkedIN.

Here's an updated list of contact information:

Phone: 860-516-8990 (Direct Line)
Support: 860-657-86544 (Office)
Skype: schulz.consulting
Google Talk: [email protected]

Happy Holidays!

Wayne Schulz

PS - If you are a MAS90 payroll user and have questions about the year end IRD or Payroll Tax Updates -- check our web site -- http://www.s-consult.com - for the latest news and download links.

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