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home colon cleanse kit
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Flowmaster Home Enema Kits
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A signature product line of Kristina Amelong, CCT, CNC, and the Optimal Health Network, these home colon-cleansing Flowmaster Enema Kits were carefully developed based on extensive clinical data to allow you to duplicate the effects of a complete intestinal cleanse performed by a professional colon therapist.

lifetime warranty on silicone enema bags

Need a bit more guidance to move forward with your health program?
Kristina Amelong_ CCT_ CNC
For personalized support with developing your home health program and/or choosing the right products for your needs, I would be happy to assist via a scheduled phone consultation.

I charge an affordable $1.80 per minute, for as many or as few minutes as you need!

Simply complete any relevant sections of my secure online intake form. Upon submitting the form, you will be prompted to set a consultation time with me via my online booking system.

coffee enema instructions
Bring 1-2 cups of purified water to a boil. Once boiling, turn off burner and stir in up to 3 tablespoons of finely ground, organic enema coffee. (If you are caffeine sensitive, you may want to start with as little as 1 teaspoon of coffee per cup of water and increase the amount slowly over time.) Steep for 10-20 minutes...

resistance to stress
We will start this basic discussion with the hormone cortisol. Cortisol, produced from cholesterol in the adrenal glands, is a member of the family of steroid hormones and is widely known as the "stress hormone". When your body experiences a stressor, your adrenal glands secrete cortisol into your bloodstream.

A rise in your cortisol level acts to give you a quick burst of energy, heighten your memory functions, increase your immunity, and lower your sensitivity to pain. This is an effective system, as long as this rise in cortisol level is "turned off" relatively quickly and you don't need to use this "flight or fight" response too often...
Ortho Adren-All
Adren-All provides key vitamins and nutrients necessary to restore and support the integrity of the adrenal glands if they have been overworked due to chronic stress.

Ortho Molecular
How To Order
Ortho Molecular Products
Per manufacturer policy, all Ortho Molecular products must be purchased within the context of an established practitioner/patient relationship. We cannot sell these products online outside of such a relationship.

If you are an established OHN patient who has ordered Ortho Molecular products from us in the past, please call or text us to place your order. We are happy to assist you in completing your order promptly!

If you are interested in Ortho Molecular products but are not an established patient with OHN and don't have your own doctor, please click here to schedule an initial health consultation by phone with Kristina Amelong, CCT, CNC.
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Massive October Sale!
October 26-31 Only

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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Testing

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