The Marine Advanced Technology Education ( MATE ) Center 
was established with funding from the National Science Foundation in 1997. MATE is an international network of community colleges, secondary schools, universities, research institutions, professional societies, marine industries, and working professionals. MATE's mission is to use marine technology to inspire and challenge students to learn and creatively apply science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to solving real-world problems in a way that strengthens critical thinking, collaboration, entrepreneurship, and innovation

Project-Based Engineering Design, Underwater Robotics, Arduino, and Underwater Sensors

Teachers, enhance your knowledge base and get ahead of the game. Take a look at the list of workshops offered by the MATE Center this summer.  Financial resources and curriculum products also are listed. Applications will be accepted beginning  February 1, 2017. 

View workshops HERE.

Registration for the 2017 MATE Competition is Open

Are you ready to test your skills and knowledge?  This year's competition focuses on the role ROVs play in streamlining commerce, maintaining entertainment, and ensuring the health and safety of port cities - now and in the future. Register a team now! 

View 2017 registration information HERE.

SCOUT, NAVIGATOR, RANGER, and EXPLORER prop building documents are available HERE.

Introducing the MATE Shiphunt:  Spanish Galleon ROV Competition Kit

This competition kit is designed for schools, clubs, camps, and anyone who would like to host their own ROV competition.  Students hunt for artifacts and clues to figure out the identity of a "sunken mystery ship" while building teamwork skills and showcasing their newly-built ROVs.

View the competition kit  HERE.

Move Over Uber!  World's First Autonomous Boat for Offshore Use

This isn't a science fiction movie. Advances in technology aren't just fantastical ideas anymore. Plans are in motion in Norway to design and build the world's first unmanned and fully automated vessel for offshore operations. 

Read more  HERE.

Adam Simko, Engineer, Blue Robotics

Former first place MATE competitor, Adam Simko, is now an engineer at Blue Robotics in Torrance, California. He started competing while at Aptos High School and earned a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Davis. After an internship with Blue Robotics, he was hired full time. This year Adam will also volunteer as a judge at MATE's Monterey Regional and International Competition events.

Learn more about Blue Robotics HERE.

We encourage other former competitors to share their journey with the MATE community! Email your story to us  HERE.

Come Visit the MATE Team at the Following Conferences:

Oceanology International North America , San Diego, February 14-16, 2017.  
As part of Oceanology, MATE and SENSE IT are leading a teacher workshop Thursday,  February 16th, 2017  Interested? Connect with us HERE.
Underwater Intervention , New Orleans, February 21-23, 2017
Visit us at booth #319

ITEEA, Dallas, March 16-18, 2017
Visit us at booth #209

MTS/IEEE Oceans 17 , Anchorage, September 18-21, 2017
Visit us at booth #406
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