The Marine Advanced Technology Education ( MATE ) Center 
was established with funding from the National Science Foundation in 1997. MATE is an international network of community colleges, secondary schools, universities, research institutions, professional societies, marine industries, and working professionals. MATE's mission is to use marine technology to inspire and challenge students to learn and creatively apply science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to solving real-world problems in a way that strengthens critical thinking, collaboration, entrepreneurship, and innovation

September Marked the 20th Anniversary of MATE!

The Center was founded in 1997 with funding from the National Science Foundation's Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program. The ATE program focuses on the education of technicians, primarily at two-year colleges, for hi-tech fields that drive the U.S. economy. In fact, the ATE program was mandated by Congress through the Science and Advanced-Technology Act of 1992 .

MATE was the 10th national technology center funded by ATE. Currently, there are close to 40 centers that cover a variety of technologies such as advanced manufacturing, environmental, nanotechnology, geospatial, biotechnology, and more. We are fortunate to continue to receive funding from the ATE program and other federal agencies. That funding, along with donations from industry and private individuals and the sale of products through the SeaMATE store, keeps us looking forward to the next 20 years!

Meet the MATE Competition's Non-Profit
You may have noticed a new logo on our web site and materials. We are pleased to officially announce the creation of MATE Inspiration for Innovation (MATE II), a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization whose mission aligns with the MATE Center's - to inspire and challenge students to learn and creatively apply STEM to solve real-world problems in a way that strengthens critical thinking, collaboration, entrepreneurship, and innovation. MATE II will serve as the fundraising arm for the ROV competition, opening doors to new sources of funding and donations. Stay tuned for more information and ways that you can easily contribute to keep the program going (Amazon Smile, for example).

New Features Make the TriggerFish More Robust and Portable

The TriggerFish 3.0 ROV Kit sports a yellow, compact and highly durable control box that is nearly crush resistant!  The new tether management system detaches at the control box, making it more portable and interchangeable. Yes, you can switch TriggerFish ROVs! Additional upgrades include a large printed circuit board to mount all of the components; clear Lexan plates that protect the components from impact and splashes; and two video input channels. The TriggerFish 3.0 still comes with two Sabertooth motor controls, two joysticks and four motors.

Get your TriggerFish 3.0 ROV Kit  today!

Jet City: Aircraft, Earthquakes, and Energy

The 2018 MATE ROV competition theme takes its inspiration from the location of the international event - Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. The competition's mission tasks include locating the wreckage of a vintage airplane, installing (or recovering) a seismometer and using data to determine the optimum location for a tidal turbine and then installing the turbine. For more information, check out the mission and specifications briefing posted here. Keep an eye out for the competition manuals, which will be released in November.

And watch the MATE 2017 highlight video on YouTube here and Vimeo here.

Share Your MATE Journey, See How Far You Can Go

Everyone has a story about how MATE impacted their life, boosted their resume or was the key element to earning them a job. Seth Baklor, a MATE competitor from 2009 to 2012, emphasized the importance of working hard and pushing limits to see unexpected accomplishments and successes at the competition and then seeking out a future career that embodies the same challenges and fun as MATE. Check out more of what Seth had to say during the Alumni Panel at 8:14 of the MATE 2017 highlight video here .

What's your story? Email your MATE journey to us here.

New to MATE Underwater Robotics? Getting started is easy! View resources here .

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