Hello wineries and distilleries,
We have made the difficult decision not to have a Mid-American Wine Competition (MAWC) in 2020.
Several factors went into this decision. Given the uncertainty about limited social gatherings and travel concerns, we did not know if such an event would be allowed if current trends continue. It is unclear when the DMACC campus (where the MAWC is held) will re-open for regular business. Additionally, we know that wineries and distilleries in our region are also struggling since they rely a lot on onsite retail sales and tourism.
In light of this, we do not feel it is responsible to schedule this event for early July.
We hope to come back next year with just as great of turnout as other years, and we will take this time to make improvements to the competition. In our social media we will continue to highlight the wineries and distilleries that have participated in the MAWC over the last few years.
All of us here at the MAWC Team (DMACC and the Midwest Grape and Wine Industry Institute) hope all is going well with you and your community, look forward to having future Mid-American Wine Competitions and appreciate the time you have given to the event in the past.
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at winecompetition@dmacc.edu
Stay safe and healthy,
The MAWC Team