Volume V | MAY 2018
for different CONSCIOUSNESS needs!
MEDITATION OFFERED every Thursday night at Circle
WE are sharing TWO separate EVENTS in this newsletter...
It's MAY! JOIN US!!!
on Wednesday evenings! 5 of THEM!!
This class is designed for those advanced or very familiar with Living-Consciousness and Personality concepts!
If you are reading this... you are probably a person who cares about your life evolving. Being engaged with a group of consciousness BE-ings is powerful and life impacting! If you have been part of this circle you know what I am saying! It never gets dull and new concepts and realizations manifest every week! WHERE else can one experience this kind of depth discovery and life application???

Discover the experience of depth teaching layered in discussion. Imagine the growth available when conscious BE-ings sit in contemplation. IT CAN be MIND BENDING, INVIGORATING and... a lot of FUN! What is discovered? Concepts on how to enhance one's discovery of nuance vs the exhaustion of seeking novelty! Why understanding impermanence brings peace and... the physics of words. Did you know they carry power? What has your head-talk been lately? To share these concepts in connection increases potentiality of one's learnings... and application!

Every Wednesday evenings (5-6:30pm) Dr. Kurt Bickford will bring a plethora of psycho-spiritual contemplations and teachings ... offering opportunity to dialogue, digest and exhale into more accessible consciousness.

Dr. Bickford brings DEPTH teaching covering the work of Dr. David Hawkins, states of consciousness, psychology, the work of Dr. David Keirsey and temperament/personality, developmental issues, the effects of an abusive background on consciousness development, resolving wounds and beliefs that hold us back from life fulfillment, what alignment looks like and how to walk in the world yet not be of the world, and so much more… OHHHH SO. MUCH. MORE...

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STOP IT! .... AND COME SIT, BREATHE and lean into learning that infuses the psychological and spiritual parts of you through Living-Consciousness.

on Thursday evenings!
This class is designed for all levels of interest!
  • IF you are wanting to practice MEDITATION immersed in Living-Consciousness concepts, Thursday offers all of that!
  • IF you are NEW to Living-Consciousness you are invited! 
  • IF you have been attending the Novice Living-Consciousness Circle for the past couple of months... c'mon back! IT's ROLLING!
  • If Thursday works better for your schedule than Wednesday... Register for this event!

Dr. Hawkins (author of Power vs Force) often reminded us that the Path is Straight and Narrow... WASTE NO TIME! Quit delaying your opportunity to align and raise your level of consciousness... Don't know what that's about? Then this is where you BEGIN!

This is not your average group... it's not the same old psycho-babble or .... get "everything you want" in life offering. This group offers delicious and wholehearted experiences that open you to a new level of awareness and life engagement. How do WE know? WE SEE IT every week! Joy, Tears, Laughter, AH-HAHs!, evolution, resolve, manifestation... it's all RIGHT here.... your next stop to understanding YOU, your temperament, your consciousness and your path!

Here is the fork-in-the-road between "being-in-the-world but not-of-the-world" and being in the world and trying to survive or win. Ohhhhh....the phrase "straight-and-narrow is the path" makes sense.

In our growth we find freedom, and in the expression of our freedom we find ourselves, and in finding ourselves we find fulfillment. Be part of the discussion and the practice of MEDITATION... and take the reins in becoming your truer self!
JOIN Dr. Bickford every THURSDAY... it's the BEST opportunity for meditation and evolving your life available in the Inland Empire!
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Dr David Hawkins and Dr Kurt Bickford <3