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AIA Middle East Newsletter  May 2017
Saturday, 20 May 2017
"Four Seasons Bahrain Bay Design & Construction Tour"  |  Bahrain
Join us for an exclusive tour of one of Bahrain's architectural icons and the award winning Four Seasons Bahrain Bay designed by international design firm, SOM. The project tour will be led by the Project/ Site Architect, Brian Kleiver.
Brian will explain the inspiration and complexities of the Four Seasons Bahrain Bay Hotel design including lengthy coordination with the interior designer & operator for back of house & front of house areas as well as challenges and methods of successful construction.

Where & When
Four Seasons Bahrain Bay Design & Construction Tour
Saturday, May 20, 9:45 AM-12:00 P

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15-17 July 2017 
" Global Summer School"  |  Muscat

The GSS Muscat will focus in the development of new concept of mobility in order to propose an augmented system of transportation with its spatial and organization continuity and to create the ultimate experience in the metropolitan city of Muscat

GSS Muscat aims to incorporate a computational design methodology as central role from analysis during inception phase to manufacturing in the direction of merging the intimate relationship between architecture and engineering and empower design creativity.

Where & When
Global Summer School, Muscat Oman
15-17 July 2017

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11-13 September 2017 
"Building Healthcare Innovation & Design Show"  |  Dubai

B uilding Healthcare Innovation & Design Show is the regional business platform for build, construction, design and innovation of healthcare facilities.

The show attracts more than 150 exhibiting companies and 3,800 participants discussing new healthcare projects, best practice in design and construction and source new technologies and services that will maximize facility operations and improve patient experience.

Where & When
Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE
11-13 September 2017

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Tuesday, 31 January 2017
"Thank  You Dinner" 
|  Dubai

The AIA Middle East held a dinner for its partners and potential sponsors on January 31, 2017 at Raffles Hotel Dubai. It was indeed a great night!

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017
AIA ME Talk Series-  "Transit-Engaged Vertical Urbanism" 
|  Dubai

World renowned architect, urban planner, ambassador for peace for IIFWP and environmentalist Felino "Jun" Palafox gave a lecture highlighting the importance of planning cities that are well-connected through transportation and designing tall buildings that also meet the ground.

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13 -15 March 2017
AIA ME Sponsored Event -  "Cityscape Qatar" 
 |  Qatar

The only international real estate investment event in the State of Qatar, the conference held a content-rich agenda and a special focus on the long-term potential of the country's hospitality sector.

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Saturday, March 18 2017
" Urban Histories of Traumatic Pasts & Imagined Futures" |  Bahrain

WWII had a profound impact on cities-including, but not limited to, military destruction-that spurred artists and planners on to reimagine urban landscapes of the future. Many of these representations and plans drew on the legacies of the interwar avant-garde, but they were operating in a fundamentally changed #environment after WWII. The perception of cities at the time was torn between the abstractions of a future-driven universal modernism, and historical analyses that aimed at understanding causes of, and solutions to postwar challenges.

In other words, the postwar city was at the crossroads of a historical amnesia and a historical awareness of the past, making it a rich environment for thinking about the relationship between archives and memory. Drawing on the work of artists and planners in New York City, West Berlin, and Tokyo, this talk investigates notions of urban memory, and questions what it means to preserve the city as an archive.
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Sunday, March 19 2017
Panel Discussion at the Glassbox -  "Empowering Women in Architecture"  |  Dubai

The School of Architecture, Art & Design of the American University in Dubai in collaboration with the American Institute of Architecture Students, AIAS- AUD Chapter held a panel discussion entitled   " Empowering   Women   in Architecture" .

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Wednesday, March 22 2017
" Urban planning, Architecture & Ornamentation in the Islamic World"  |  Bahrain

Much of a people's heritage and culture is contained in a city with its urban structure, buildings, architecture & ornamental elements and building materials. As cities in the Islamic world develop & modernize, much of these layers are lost. 
The presentation re-visits the Islamic city & understanding how a culture was translated into built form with Dr. Chiraz Mosbah, Assistant Professor at the University of Bahrain.

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22-24 March 2017
Tafaseel Design Expo"Senses"  hosted by   AIAS of Kuwait university   Kuwait

Tafaseel Design Exposition, hosted by the American Institute of Architects Students (AIAS) of Kuwait university, presented the inspiring works of young new talents.

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Thursday,  March 30 2017
"The Legacy of Zaha Hadid"   Qatar

As a tribute to  Zaha Hadid 's legendary contribution to Architecture, Qatar University hosted an event in remembrance of her works and pioneering vision.

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31 March - 3 April 2017
AIA ME Sponsored Event - 
"Cityscape Egypt" 
|  Egypt

This exhibition was the ideal place for real estate investors looking for immediate income and medium to long term capital growth and resale potential.

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Saturday, 1 April 2017
AIA ME Sponsored Event -  "Construction Tour and Lecture: Historic Atturaif Site"  |  Saudi Arabia

Atturaif, a precinct on Historic Diriyah, was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010. Large Scale conservation and restoration of historic mud buildings and a program of modern museum within the site will transform the area into a cultural destination. A tour of the site was done to learn about the ongoing works and current progress.

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017
"Good Arab Bad City" |  Bahrain

With housing projects rampant around Bahrain and the growing resolve to tackle the issue, the history of housing and its relationship to nation-building are explored. Dominant housing typologies built since the 1950's are examined to better appreciate what is at stake with the current trajectory of national housing.
However, more importantly, the question will be: What is the future of housing as a national project?
Ali Karimi is Bahraini architecture graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Design interested in social housing, public space and infrastructural re-imaginings of the Gulf countries.

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18-20 April 2017 
AIA ME Sponsored Event -  "Cityscape Abu Dhabi" |   Abu Dhabi    

Cityscape Abu Dhabi acted as a platform for developers, investors, real estate professionals and government entities to meet and do business. With 100's of developments from Abu Dhabi and overseas being showcased, this event was the home of real estate investment for the residential, retail, hospitality and commercial sectors.

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Sunday, 23 April 2017
"The Sustainable Compound, The Sum of Ecological and Economical Living" |  Kuwait

The challenges between economy and preserving natural resources are encountered in most of the countries.
However, only some countries are taking this subject into consideration and legislating rules and regulations to have a better sustainable outcome for the present and future generations.
In this course, the pillars of sustainability were discussed by presenting a pilot project in Belgium.
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Hanley Wood/AIA Opportunity Fund

The  Hanley Wood/AIA Opportunity Fund  grant applications are now available. The Fund grant awards $5,000 to two AIA local or state chapters to support development in new membership recruitment programs, charrettes, lectures, youth education and continuing education. The application must be received by June 30, 2017. 
we have selected here below some of the interesting and remarkable events:

State Government Network (SGN) Annual Meeting
Join us for a two-day conference of fast-paced, hard-hitting ideas, education, networking, and innovative collaboration with your peers, colleagues, AEC firms, and government officials.
  • Westin St. Louis, MO
  • June 14-15; 2-5pm CT
  • Registration
  • 5.00 LUs
Understand the 2017 AIA Owner/Architect Agreements 
This free webinar will provide insight into the newly revised 2017 Owner-Architect agreements. Presenters will also discuss the new Sustainable Projects Exhibit and explore how it can provide a positive impact on the health and safety of building occupants.
  • June 1, 2-3pm, ET
  • Earn 1.5 LU HSW
  • Register
AIA's new Foresight Report and tools 
AIA's new Foresight Report offers an environmental scan looking at trends that could transform our profession. Digital copies are free for members. Download today . Two new tools are also available for members only: a PowerPoint deck with select data points to use and a strategic foresight planning workbook.

SpeakUp registration now open
Registration  is open for SpeakUp, AIA's premier advocacy event. If you know of members who wish to attend, please encourage them to register as soon as possible. The event will close to additional participants when the maximum of 120 participants is met.  Click here  to see the training agenda.
  • July 19-21, 2017
  • Curtis Hotel, Denver CO
  • Hotel reservations (303) 571 0300

Showcase the EP exhibit at your component 
Looking for an amazing exhibit to display in your space this year? The AIA Emerging Professionals Exhibit is going on the road! Display community-oriented conceptual and built work of the rising generation of architects from around the nation.  Email  to learn more about how you can feature the exhibit at your component.

Film challenge seed film: Midtown. A Blueprint for Better. 
This year's I Look Up Film Challenge shines a light on the powerful social impact of architects and their work. Watch the newly-released seed  film  and share it with your members.

AIA Trust video overview of resources 
Find out about the many AIA Trust free practice resources and exclusive member and component benefit programs in this brand-new 4-minute video  overview . Be sure to ask your colleagues and component members to join you - and then you'll discover why the AIA Trust is
  where smart architects manage risk!

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