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MAY 2020


Dear Friends,

We entered into to this pandemic with HOPE for healing-for you and everyone we serve.  Hope has been a part of our mission since I began with Valley Teen Ranch, over 15 years ago. Hope is at the heart of our thoughts and feelings about our future and is deeply seeped in our foundation of faith. 

In the last months, VTR has responded successfully to the change required to keep our essential services up and running to meet the needs of our clients through this pandemic. Through the dedication of our staff, the children, youth, young adults, and families continued to receive optimum services. 

Before we even had the real shock of what was happening sink in , we had secured our administrative staff to work from home and only come to the office if needed. We figured out how to be an organization that could work through virtual meetings-even those that helped youth connect with their parents from the Ranch. Resource Families and their foster children and youth connected with our caring staff that virtually responded to each need. 

Try to imagine a youth who was court ordered to be at the ranch.  The pandemic hits, and suddenly he cannot visit his family on weekends. The staff are responding to this youth who is already in therapeutic care for trauma, and now is escalating out of fear. One of the boys responded by running away. He comes back and now the staff have to keep him from others and remain dedicated to his mental health and overall care 24 hours a day. All while being a little fearful themselves, because now they have to take precaution in the fact that he may have been exposed to COVID.  

As we move toward the future, we were ever mindful to connect with you, our stakeholders, with our 2019 Annual Report.  We are thankful for all of you who continue to support VTR in so many ways. 

PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE AT valleyteenranch.org .  We have taken some time to ready it for the public and it is our hope that it serves the needs of our colleagues and public.
We keep you in our prayers, and ask we are ever in yours. Thank you for your partnership and care.

Andrea Evans, CEO
P.S. If you can help with the purchase of ear bud for the boys at the ranch, click here for Amazon. Please make sure to include a gift card so we know who it is from. You can find our mailing address below.
Some of our foster children and our teens, have never been exposed to things we take for granted- like the mountains, or the ocean. During the summer we plan trips and activities that help them grow and have fun too. An annual trip is to Monterey each year to visit the aquarium. If you can help provide for these activities, please donate online today!
THE RANCH NEEDS A Riding lawnmower!
Over 30 Acres to maintain by our staff. Can you help? Please contact Charise Hansen at 559-437-1144 or by email.
During the COVID-19 Quarantine, our Offices are closed to the public.
To contact us please call at 559-4371144 or contact us by email at contact-us@valleyteenranch.org

The Annual Celebration will be different this year. Instead of having it at a location, we are going to have an online auction beginning September 18th!
Mark your calendars!
VTR Annual Celebration Committee

Join our Annual Celebration Committee or let us know if you can help with the Silent Auction through the donation of goods or Sponsorship!!
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