TIDE Newsletter - May 2021
GALLERY NEWS by Rachel Gates
Layers: An exploration of alternative process photography and paper collage embracing
the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi. By photo artist, Leslie Wilkinson, photoartbyleslie.com
I stepped to the artistic plate late in my life seeking my degree at the age of 55 in graphic design and photography. Like so many other photographers before me, I sought the perfect image. I bought expensive equipment and labored under the impression that the perfect photo required just the right f-stop, film speed and exposure. Nothing could have been further from the truth. 

As time went on, I developed an under-standing of the importance of the visual stories that unfold within the frame of the camera lens. Relationships of the objects within the frame and how these connections play upon each other are what drives my work. The right camera settings are not as important freeing me up to see the beauty of the object and the moment. Imperfections occur and I embrace them. 

Not satisfied with the results of my images printed on paper, I began to explore alter-native production processes looking to combine my images outside of the traditional photo paper platform. I have been very successful using these non-conventional substrates by printing on transparency film and then transferring the image directly onto the substrate. I have transferred onto salvaged metal, venetian plaster panels, glass and wood. This process, generally referred to as digital alchemy, continues to develop leading to my latest series, Layers.

I have now expanded my understanding of the transfer process and produce emulsion lifts (the removal of the photographic ink emulsion from the transparency film by sealing then soaking it in water). I also transfer directly onto Reemay, a non-woven fabric, which produces an ultra-thin, translucent image. The wonderful thing about my new direction is the imperfection that is created. No two are ever alike. 

All of this has led me to discover the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi and how it relates to my work and my life. Wabi-sabi isn’t quite an aesthetic and it isn’t quite a philosophy. It’s somewhere between the two, a way of seeing, understanding and appreciating the value of imperfect objects. When married with the flaws present in the many different art papers such as Washi, Kozo, Lokta, Banana, Indian and silk my images take on a new direction as I balance the importance of the image with the papers in my composition. ~ Leslie
President’s Message
from Chaney Delaire

Hi Everyone- Brookings is in bloom! The rhododendrons. azaleas, lithodora, sparaxis and so many others are in their full glory. The garden at the Manley Art Center is beautiful! It’s starting to feel like we have some degree of normalcy. It makes you want to get outdoors and create art!

Thank you to:
  • Sharon Guy for developing the Children’s Art Program at Kalmiopsis Elementary School
  • Sandy Bonney for the Tide Newsletter
  • Victor Ortega for repairing the kiln room window and Steve Delaire for doing touch up painting there
  • Tory Bowen for the wonderful photo of the gallery garden in bloom
  • And thanks to all of you who contribute in big ways and small for your ongoing support of our art center.

Our two BIG outdoor events are coming up soon. Art at the Port (thank you, Nola Range) runs from May 16th - September 12th. Artists; don’t forget to turn in your completed panels between May 11th and May13th. Festival of Art in the Park (FAP) will be August 7th and 8th at Azalea Park. We’ve had a lot of entries and we are lining up volunteers to help with the event. Thank you Leslie Wilkinson for coordinating FAP. Be sure to mark your calendars for both events and let your friends and family know about them.

We expect to be able to host the second Saturday Art Walk on May 8th. We hope you and your friends can stop by. Stay tuned.
Your Board of Directors has been working on a number of things. Of most interest to members is the Studio Endowment. This fund was created in the early 1980’s and currently, the balance in the fund is approximately $22,000. The principal is restricted; meaning, it cannot be touched. Interest earned can be used for the Manley Art Center; however, very little interest is accrued. We’ve been in conversations with the Oregon Community Foundation (OCF), a statewide philanthropic organization with a robust endowment program. It is likely that OCF could assume the endowment, while retaining all of the requirements originally spelled out when the fund was created. The advantages to working with OCF is that interest on the endowment would be significantly higher and an endowment with OCF could attract donors interested in contributing to the arts. In the next few weeks, we will be posting a report on the website, including a copy of the original resolution establishing the studio endowment for members to review. Any action taken will be brought before the membership for a vote.

Under the board’s direction, we have a Building Improvement Committee composed of Sharon Guy, Pete Chasar and myself. Pete and Sharon have been gathering background information and in April, we had Antares LLC, an engineering firm, inspect the building. The good news is that the building structure is sound. Our next tasks are to clarify future uses/needs of the building, confirm with the City what upgrades the City will require and do an analysis of costs including the pros and cons of remodeling vs new construction. We will continue providing updates to our members,

Lastly, it is my hope that our next general membership meeting can be held at the Manley Art Center outdoors. This will be subject to Oregon’s Covid-19 requirements. We don’t yet have a meeting date. The board is aware that ZOOM meetings are difficult for many of you and so we hope a bit of normalcy and good weather will give us some flexibility.

Stay well,
Chaney Delaire, 2021 PBAA President
Festival of Art in the Park Update from Leslie Wilkinson

As I write this, we have received a good response to our Call to Enter. We have 44 submitted and 12 more pending. If you are thinking about having a booth, please do not delay. The last day to have both your entry online and your booth payment to us is May 15th. Additional details on how to enter are available on the Manley Art Center website at https://manleyartcenter.com/festival-of-art.

What else is happening? We have our Food and Beverage Vendors lined up. And, we have contracted with Scott Graves to supply our music needs. He is lining up bands, musicians and other performers. It will really add to our event to be able to use the band shell for our entertainment needs and step-up the caliber of talent. 

The most important thing to share is the response I have had from our community. Several non-profits are asking to be allowed to have a booth and join the fun. We are certainly open to that with the idea they help us with set-up, take-down and whatever else we have that needs doing. If you are involved with a non-profit, (non-political) or can pass the word on, have them contact me at lawsrod1@sbcglobal.net

Lastly, PBAA has been pretty much out of the community limelight this last year. Our famous Azalea Festival Art Show has been canceled for the 2nd year in a row due to COVID. However, things are getting better and in August we should be enjoying a much needed closer to normal life. You might consider it time to begin to come out and join those of us who have been keeping the art fires burning. I know several of you have already stepped forward to help. We are hoping others of you will, too. Please contact Chaney at chaneyd50@gmail.com or call her at 707.695.7331 to volunteer.
~ Announcements ~

Gallery change-out day is Monday, May 3rd from 10am - noon. 

Classroom Panels are available for May-June. Panel rental is $25 for the two month period. You are responsible for hanging your own work; you keep 100% of the profits. Please contact Denise Ortega by email at denisekerfoot@gmail.com or call 707-280-3120 and leave a message. Want to find out more information? Go to the website at https://manleyartcenter.com/class-room-panel-rental

Art at the Port runs from May 16- September 12. Finished art for Art at the Port is due May 11th to 13th. Bring your entry to Pithitude Gift Shop on the Boardwalk between 10 am and 4 pm on any of those days. Art will be hung on the Boardwalk on Sunday, May 16th. Want to get an early peek at the entries? Sign up to help with art intake. Shifts are 10am to 1pm or 1pm to 4pm for one or all of the days. Email Nola Range at artattheport.com if you can help. We are also looking for help hanging the art on May 16th.

Festival of Art in the Park will be Saturday, August 7th
and Sunday, August 8th at Azalea Park.

2nd SATURDAY ART WALK is set for May 8th. The Art Walk is from 3-5 pm.

General Membership Meeting - To be announced

This was in the Pastel Artists of Oregon’s newsletter this month about our PBAA member Linda Evans. She is also the PAO Regional Representative for the Southern Oregon Coast. Interested in pastels? Contact Linda . . .


It all began with 2020, an extraordinary year of adjustments. I had been invited during the Spring to teach pastels at the Manley Art Center by the gallery coordinator. She is super to work with each month when we hang our paintings, so I jumped at the chance to assist with her new endeavor - the Childrens' Art Program (CAP.) Just one afternoon was all it took for my 4 students (ages K-5th) to take to pastels like ducks to water. Then BAM, Covid hit.

Fast forward to Feb. '21 when my gallery friend emailed me about a Mom who'd inquired if there was an art teacher in the membership who would teach private lessons to her two kids. Their ages were eleven (a girl) and five (a boy). Outside, with masks and social distancing, was part of her request. I immediately knew I would love to do it, and the family was happy to come on Sundays to Brookings' beautiful Azalea Park, five minutes from my home. They would drive from Crescent City, and enjoy getting out of the house!

So began spontaneous plein-air painting lessons, with just a bit of inclement weather to work around. We have high hopes for the lovely Spring/Summer days ahead, as well. Working right next to the playground - what could be better? I am a free-form, non -formula driven teacher, dedicated to bringing out the childrens' individual voices and helping them to be better all around students. So far, so good! Hope this inspires you to do the same, if an opportunity comes along. ~ Linda