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I continue to get new pieces and wouldn't it feel great to welcome warmer weather, Mother's Day, and fewer COVID cases with a new pair of earrings, a necklace or a scarf? Take a look and let me know if something "talks to you" or you want to put something away for birthday, graduation or anything or anyone else special.
Silver with Amethyst Stone $34
silver and gold circles @ $33
Silver and Gold Circles $32
Hammered Gold on Leather Necklace $28
Tri-color Flowers & Earrings $34 for both
Long Silver Necklace with Intertwining Hearts $32
Long Silver Necklace with Silver Tassel $32
Gold and Silver Triangular Earrings $20
Double Gold Hoops $26

Smart dressing can mean making the most of your money by investing in pieces you can wear over and over again. I can think of several ways to do this:

1.Hire me to do closet "surgery" and make multiple outfits using your own clothing and accessories.
2.Hire me to personal shop with/for you to help you buy quality pieces at affordable prices in your most becoming colors.
3.Take care of your wardrobe so it will last longer and look fresher by adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Always clean suit jackets and bottoms at the same time so they will continue to look well together.
  • Button blouses and shirts; hang jackets on strong hangers; hang skirts and pants on clasp hangers; fold sweaters and knits.
  • Rotate wearing your jackets and bottoms to allow them time to return to their natural form.
  • Launder or dry clean seasonal clothing before storing. Do not store clothing in plastic from the cleaners as most have unwanted chemicals. Use shoulder covers or garment bags instead. When possible, store off-season items in a separate closet.
  • Steam and press garments when possible, to avoid frequent dry cleaning.
  • Keep shoes protected with frequent shining, and replace soles or heels when needed.
  • Never rub a stain -- blot only with a dry, white cloth napkin or clean rag.
  • Apply hairspray, perfume and deodorant and let them dry completely before you dress.

Contrary to what you may think, knits can be altered. They can be blocked wider where needed. Or you can buy either the top or the bottom a size larger to fit through the bodice, or hip area, and then adjust the waist and sleeves accordingly.


As your personal consultant, I am always pleased to take your orders directly by phone ( 202 338 8781) or by email (glassman.lynne@gmail.com) When you order this way, I can answer your questions and advise you on best options. I keep most products in stock and can mail them right out, adding only postage costs. You can mail me a check or pay by Venmo once you receive your products.

If you prefer to order on line, it is easy at http://www.colormebeautiful.com?ref=lynneglassman. This link will insure your orders get credited to me. Click the head-and-shoulders icon at the top to register with an account so you can stay up-to-date on the best prices available and you will continue to be connected to me each time you order.

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