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May 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the Community Harvest Garden's monthly newsletter.

Find out what is happening in the garden and how you can join us in growing fresh food for yourself and local food pantries. Learn timely garden tips as we go through the year. Happy gardening!

It’s Spring and the gardens are ready for planting!

May is the ideal month to plant your young vegetable seedlings, whether grown from seed or store bought. It is also the time for direct-sowing of many vegetables.

Before planting or sowing, try to do as little walking in the planting areas as possible. Garden soils are easily compacted by foot traffic. If you have a sizable garden, consider creating paths through it with planting areas which are 4 to 6-feet wide. These pathways will allow you to plant, weed, and harvest from both sides of the planting area without walking through it. Wood chips or mulch are good to use for these paths. After the plants are installed, a 3 to 4-inch deep layer of straw as a mulch will help reduce weeds and help to conserve moisture. Dried weekly grass clippings are also a good mulch for vegetables and will help improve the soil as it breaks down. Use grass clippings only if they are free of weeds that might leave seeds behind.

Note: If you are direct-sowing seeds, wait to mulch until after the seedlings are 2 or 3-inches tall. Seeds for direct sowing include green beans, all varieties of squash, cucumbers, radishes, leaf lettuces, beets, etc.

If you are like the vast majority of gardeners, you will be planting at least one tomato plant. Tomato plants benefit from being planted deeper than you would normally plant other vegetables. Remove the bottom most one or two leaves from the stem. Plant it as deep as the point where those leaves had been. The plant will send out roots all along the stem giving you a stronger and healthier plant.

Gardening is a great hobby; fresh air, healthy exercise and a great reward in vegetables. Enjoy!

Garden Workdays

Every other Wednesday & Saturday

9:30-11:30 am

Upcoming dates: May 4, 7 18, 21

Join us in the garden as we plant vegetables in the Shared Harvest Bed and expand the garden walkways. No experience is needed, and all ages and abilities are welcome. In case of rain, the workday will be cancelled. Bring a rake, garden trowel, and garden gloves, if you have them. 

See detailed Garden To-Do List

Thanks to the hard work of a local Eagle Scout project, we are blessed with a wonderful new compost center. You are invited to bring your green and brown organic material to be composted into "Black Gold" and used in the gardens.

Want to learn more about composting?

Come to the Composting Workshop on Wednesday, June 8 @ 7:00 pm

You'll find out how compost is made, what materials can be placed in the pile, how to choose the right compost system for your own yard, and how you can be part of the Community Harvest Garden's Composting Team. All ages are welcome!

Have questions? Feel free to contact us.

Common Violets, Viola sororia, are in bloom now all over Ohio. This native groundcover has delicious and nutritious leaves and flowers and is also a host plant for fritillary butterflies.

Several people have donated these plants for our Native Food Forest, and they can be seen blooming there right now. More are needed! These violets can be identified by their heart-shaped leaves and flowers that have five purple petals with white hairs in the center. If you have any to share, please contact us.

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